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I know that you have to push yourself at the gym to

make progress and a lot of people suggest that you need someone to spot you before you can really give your all on heavy exercises like bench press. But I prefer training alone, and am worried that if I started training with a partner I would lose focus.

Am I wrong in thinking that what it really takes is the mentality to be fearless about the weight you are going to lift? If someone is there to help me does it take that element of self achievment away?

It's like when I see people doing dumbbell presses where one or more of their mates has to lift them into position. Am I missing out on something by feeling I'd be cheating myself a bit? If I can't lift a weight than I can't lift it.

Any advice on how I should get my head straight on this?

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If you need a spotter then surely someone that works at your gym could be asked?

If not, theres variations to most workouts that get around the spotter issue. DB - Machine.

Plenty of people workout with out one and do fine, i dont think you'll have any massive problems.

archaicsmile said:
If I can't lift a weight than I can't lift it.
Pretty much spot on lol. DB til you cant get them into the start postion, then move to assisted machines. Theres ways around it tho.
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