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Hello everyone, I've been a member on here a few years but don't post often but feel I have no choice but to ask for advice on here.
I think I have low test I'm almost 35 I've done about 7 cycles in my life from the age of 25, always done a propper PCT.
My doctor refuses to give me a blood test to check my hormones, instead he prescribed me viagra.... it's been over a year and half since I last did a cycle (which was a sust and winstrol cycle) ive never gone stupid with my dosages.. I decided to try do it natural as I was happy with my size.

My symptoms are :

Moody especially in mornings really bitchy.

Can get hard but lose it very easy unless take viagra.

Never have morning wood.(can't remember last time I woke up hard)

Slightley depressed.

Hardly any sexual desire towards women.

Greasy nose and face (high estrogen?)

In the gym I've not lost size but not gained anything either seem to been lifting same weights since I've come off gear almost 2 years ago.

What you guys think? I dunno if I'm allowed to ask here but anyone know a legit testing website to get my hormones checked out?
My doctor is a waste of time. I've tried clomid Nolvadex etc since to try start my natural test again? Nothing works.
If I have low test I will Be doing a private TRT myself , as my doctor is a waste of time.
Surely people still get morning wood at the age of 34?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks
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