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Hello all, nice to be back on here after a 3 year layoff, good to see some of the old names still on here.

I have started back training in the gym after a long time off due to many different reasons. I have gone back on the old diet plan I was using before I stopped some years ago but I know that it's not right.

Here we go:

7am Breakfast (with the kids) 2x toast and a tea. (First dose of Creatine and multi vits)

9am Oats porridge with added protein powder.

11am One tin of Tuna in sunflower oil and salad. (Second dose of Creatine)

Every second day, training at 1pm till 2pm. (Use Viper Extreme whilst training)

2pm Two chicken breasts and rice

4pm Two large Scrambled eggs (Third dose of Creatine)

7pm Dinner meat veg and rice or potatoes.

10pm (Forth dose of Creatine)

I also eat 2 apples a day and also try and get in an orange.

This is my 3ed week of training and on this diet plan but I'm starting to feel more bloated in my abs area, a little like a barrel. I would say I have about 10/12% BF at the moment so I'm not fat.

What can I do to improve this diet plan?

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I would re-structure your diet to something like the following. You can edit it accordingly to your liking:

Meal 1: 50g whey, 75g oats, 5g creatine, 5g glutamine, vitamins etc

Meal 2: 200g chicken, 200g cooked rice, 100g veg, 10ml olive oil

Meal 3: 200g tuna, 200g potatoe

Meal 4: Same as meal 2

Meal 5: 6 egg omelette with 2 yolks, 100g veg

Post workout shake: 50g whey, 50g malto/dextrose, 5g creatine, 5g glutamine

Pre workout shake: 50g whey, 50g oats
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