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hello folks, in need of some diet help and advice if anyone can help...

at the minute im 20.4 stone 6ft 1" looking to get down to 17/18stone without the beer belly

at the minute i do weight training and 45mins - an hour cardio monday-wednesday and fridays, thursday i do an hour cardio

each morning normally go swimming for about an hour apart from thursday

diet plan someone suggested was as follows:

meal 1: shake consiting of 50g's of soaked and drained oats, 1 bananna, 1 scoop of peanut butter, 100ml of water and one scoop of protein powder

meal 2: protein shake and a peice of fruit

meal 3: 50g chicken/turkey and brocolli, or tuna with brown pasta and mayo, or chicken/turkey sandwhich on brown bread and a piece of fruit

meal 4: protein shake half hour - an hour before gym and another straight after

meal 5: normal sensibl meal

meal 6: protein shake or chicken before bed

is there anyways i can improve this to help with fat loose but to gain muscle?

or is it ideal to loose the fat to the stage where im happy then bulk up after?

thanx in advance marc :thumb:
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