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Hi Gents

im 24 and going to run a test cycle in a few weeks. Its going to be 500mg of test e per week for 12 weeks. (i have pct sorted too)

i weigh 80kg so around 180lb and 14% body fat.

now to the important bit! my diet for the new cycle will be

30 carbs / 50 protein / 20 fats

3750 kcals in total which breaks down to


GRAMS PER DAY 281g 468g 83g

For carb sources i have sweet potaoes and oats. as for protein sources its 1kg of beef/chicken per day with protein shakes and eggs. Fat sources are EVOO, cashew nuts, omega 3 eggs natty pbutter.

my goal is to increase size and im not too worried about getting a bit fat but want monster gains! lol

Thanks for reading and much appreaciated if you can offer your expertise gents.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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