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Ok, after the summer hols i kinda let things go a bit and everything has gone backwards, missing lift days and eating crap. Im hoping to sort it out. I want to bulk up to 13st by christmas or early next year.

Im 17

Height: 6ft 2"

Weight: 12st 6/7

Im still sticking to the 3 day split:

Chest, tris, front+side delt's


Back, bis and rear delts

All with a days rest between

General days eating is something like:

Meal 1:

40g whey

2 slices of toast

Cereal usualy bran flakes or shreddies

Meal 2:

150g chicken

Chips :whistling: oops

Tuna sandwich

Meal 3:

30g whey

crisps (i know i shoudn't but there so easy and i can't think of an alternative thats quick and nice lol)

Meal 4:

200g pasta or rice

Tin of tuna (i leave quite a bit of the rapeseed oil in)

Meal 5:

Cheese and crackers and a 30g shake before bed

And 5g of creatine after a workout or just before meal 4

Its hard to change some things as im at 6th form from 9 - 3:30





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Today was back,bicep and rear delt day

I did:


100kg 10 x 3

Lat pulldowns:

60kg x 12

65kg x 8

60kg x 10

Wide grip chins:


Bicep curls:

35kg x 12

40kg x 10

40kg x 10

Then did same for forearm curls

Reverse DB flys:

7.5kg 10 x 3

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alright mate you look good in your pics very lean

Drop the chrisps mate LOL

Also you need to eat more if you want to bulk I add oats to all my shakes it's an easy way to bump up cals

Hope this helps good luck with your goals mate

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Thanks dude. I LOOOOVE crisps but i'll get rid, maby have the odd pack once in a while.

I do actually have some powder oats but my god they are sick in a shake they just float about. What else can i do with them? I tried just eating them on there own with a spoon but that didn't go well :lol:

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Ha good point, i suppose it only takes a few seconds to neck a shake or quickly eat something. Wont have to matter if it tastes like crap.

Anyway today is chest, side/front delts and tris

Bench press:

35kg x 10

72.5kg x 4 {PB} (i just tried this as it was already on the other bar)

65kg 8 x 3

military press:

35kg x 12

42.5kg x 8 x 3

Narrow grip bench (hands touching in middle of bar)

30kg x 10

42.5 x 7x3

Side lateral raises:

7.5kg x 10 x 2

8kg x 10 x 2

Tricep push downs (with a rope):

25kg x 8 x 3

pec deck:

I made a half ar5ed attempt at this and gave up because i was hungry and tired lol

I usually do pec flys but my right wrist is all spacker at the moment lol so i don't do them.

Also any suggestions for what i can do for side delts as i hate lateral raises?????

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Was legs today.

Douing a warm up set of front squats 45kg and my left knee really started to hurt like hell. As always i do squats atg but i think i may stop this as i think that was the problem, im going to do box squats next time.

So i only did the 45kg set of 12 and a 55kg set of 10 front squats then 2 sets of leg extensions and i gave up :whistling: . I'll try harder next week and hope my knee doesn't hurt. lol i hate to train legs

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Haven't updated this in ages lol

Anyway my eating is just about sorted im eating much more and i now love milk (even though i thaught i was lactose intolerant, i now found out im not but i was when i was little). :lol:

I have stuck on a fair bit more body fat :( but i know that will happen while bulking out, it just sucks not been as ripped.

Im not shure on my weight scales have gone tits up, but im shure im getting bigger so thats all that counts.

Still douing the same routine as it seems to be working well and it fits in with the time i have. And my knee is fine now.

Today was back and bicep day.


80kg x 12

100kg x 8

110kg x 7 x 2

Wide grip pull downs:

50kg x 15

65kg x 10 x 2


6 x 2 @ body weight

DB curls over the back of a bench at full incline:

15kg x 8 x 3

heres some pics



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Good work mate!!!

I like the 3 day split you're doing. Simple and effective. Make sure with the squats that you aren't bringing your knee's to far forward as you go down, this could be why it's hurting??

Don't worry about the BF, Joey does enough worrying for everyone on the forum!! :D

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Pre-pack your meals mate, I'm at uni 5 times a week.. I also have to travel to my uni, 3 hours on train. Take the odd protein shake with you, also cold tuna pasta.. stuff like that. :D

You need to eat more meals tbh, and have more fats...

Stuff like this, good fats

Fish oils

Oily Fish

Mixed seeds/nuts


Olive Oil

keep training hard.

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Thanks for the comments :thumb:

I think the bad knee must of been from my squatting form because im douing front squats and before i was all over the place till i watched a few on youtube and copied lol.

I do get a bit of quality fat from fish and i sometimes mix olive oil into pasta, but i will try and up the ammounts im getting. Are the fats in milk good?

I am drinking full fat milk and about 1-1.5 litres of it a day there are 66 cals per 100ml so it has put a bit onto my daily kcal intake which i really needed.

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Will add the shrugs in on tuesday mate :thumb:

today was legs.

Front Squats:

42.5kg x 15

52.5kg x 7 x 2

Calf raises: (never done them before)

52.5kg x 10 x 2

Leg extensions:

40kg x 20

50kg x 12

60kg x 9

No matter how pathetic all them lifts were all were PB's :whistling: :lol:

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Thanks for the comments guys

Today was back + bicep day:

Deadlifts (was on form today :laugh:)

60kg x 15

107.5kg x 12

112.5kg x 8

117.5kg x 5

All PB's apart from the 60kg warm up

I could of put out more reps imo, but my grip isnt strong enough to hold on lol. Any ideas how to sort it??

Wide grip pull downs (im using a much bigger ROM than before because i found out how to sit lower down)

45kg x 13

60kg x 7

60kg x 6 (tried for 7 but didn't get there)

Pull ups:

Bodyweight x 6

Bodyweight x 5

DB curls over an incline bench:

16kg x 7x 2

DB shrugs

42.5kg x 10 x 2 (i coudn't put any more weight on the DB's)

I think the extra work i put in on the deadlifts buggered the rest of my lifts a bit but it was worth it :thumb: .
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