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I'm doing a little reading on cycles etc and I'm thinking about something different. How does Test-E/Cyp stack with Masteron? I've been reading also this med may have anti E properties as it is used in the treatment of breast cancer etc. I would be considering this cycle to be a 'get lean but add some size' cycle as I will be hitting the cardio bigtime thoughout whilst cleaning my diet up. Anywho, I await the Gods of knowledge and do a funky rain dance for enticement. :bounce:

How would this look:

Week 1-12 test mix 800mg Test E/ Cyp

Week 1-12 Masteron 400mg

Week 4-12 Winstrol 50mg

Arimidex .5 EOD

Unsure about PCT, if someone would kindly help out with that ( im used to's protocols)

One further question regarding Masteron. If this can act like an anti E, would it be necessary to run an AI such as adex or aromasin (<----actually which is better?)

Kind regards


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cycle looks good, will gain well off of it. as for an AI, keep adex on hand but the masteron should help control eostrogen by itself, always has done for me anyway..

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2 dht,s together ( MASTERON AND WINNY ) is a no no imo stick with one or the other .

i would rarther go with somethink like this

weeks 1-12 800mgs test

weeks 1-11 400mgs mast

weeks 11-15 50mgs winny ed

some were along those lines.
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