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So if you view the picture attached, this is my CURRENT lean bulking cycle, yes i know i started with anadrol as kickstart, however i don't gain a lot of water retention when my sodium is low and water intake is around 4-5L....that was primarily for the initial strength boost.

So my questions are after this 15 week cycle..

1. cruise on test 400 @ 0.4ml per week (160mg) for 8-10 weeks? or would you recommend longer / and/or a different ester?

2. i also am into endurance fitness and enjoy running, however after slipping a disc 2 years ago my back has never been the same since, (these days it hardly impact my deadlifts and squats still above 200kg) and i can run also...however on anadrol the back pumps have been so insane just walking to the shop is causing a lot of pain, never mind trying to run... i hope this dissipates ones i stop useage...(week 5 of cycle now)

in future should i discontinue all use of orals to combat this problem? wil the winstrol at end of cycle also cause this also? for my next cycle im thinking of running halotestin at the beggining for 2-3 weeks as the results will be phenominal and i can bare not running for 2 weeks.

okay so my main questions are regarding the CRUISE length and dosage and also id appreciate suggestions and recommendations on my NEXT cycle...

im thinking

week 1-10 - 750mg Sustanon

week 1-10 - 300mg NPP (might leave this out?)

week 1-12 - 600mg EQ/bold

week 8-16 - 300mg Tren A

week 10-16 600mg Test prop

PCT - 1000iu/ed for 10 days ........ Clomid 150/150/150/100/50 Nolva 40/40/40/20/20

Halotestin 2 weeks at start?

yes i have arimidex ill start with 0.5mgEOD and ofc liver supports too diet and training is perfect.

open to criticism and suggestions please assist.. highly appreciated

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