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Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could critique my supplements and tell me if im doing them all at the right time & your opinions on this.

Currently taking: ON 100% Whey, Dymatize 5050 BCAAS, Reflex Creapure Creatine Monohydrate, Atlas Complex Carbo Charge.

Routine: (excluding diet)

Wake up and have a shake, with the whey, bcaas, and the carbo charge and fruit and peanut butter. Then straight after have a pint of water with the creatine mixed in.

Lunch consume some more bcaas

Train @ around 5.30ish whilst training consume shaker of bcaas with a fruit juice

Post workout - protein shake, carbo charge and then a pint of juice with creatine for insulin spike.

Reason im asking is becuase ive recently become intolerant to caffeine my body takes it as too much of a stimulant and my bpm goes through the roof. (caused becuase i used to consume ridiculous amounts of caffeine and then completely cut it out) And i used to always take pre supplements for my energy and focus and now i cant ! Im just interested as for opinions on if im taking too much bcaas and if its pointless putting them in my morning shake? Any criticism welcome !!

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