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Hi guys,girls..

I have been on what i assumed was a keto diet for a week now and there has been so much contridiction as to how many carbs, protein, fats and calories i should consume with other peoples threads doing keto diets....

questions are

1 less than 50gms of carbs per day

2 as high a protein as you can get in (1-1.5 gms per lb body weight)

3 high fat intake (how many gms)

4 calories approx 2000-2500

my stats are

6ft 1


22% b/f


my plan was to keto for 2wks solid then move to mon-fri keto then weekend up carbs and continue carb cycling after min 6 wks eod

my g/f is also following the diet with me which is great support and have adjusted her calories and protein levels accordingly,

her stats are

5ft 5

119 lbs

15% b/f

33 yrs

my aim is to maintain lean muscle growth whilst stripping b/f and g/f aims to lean up last bits and well on her way for 6 pack, we both have a good level of fitness, i train weights 4 days a wk at a gym and she does pole fit horseriding keep fit and we do a couple of weight sessions at home :thumb:

any help to perfect the diet will be taken on board and used accordingly... :thumbup1:

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Easiest way to think about it is eat 50g protein, 20g fat every 2.5 hours you're awake. Take in no direct carbs; certainly less than 30g a day; I'd err closer to 10g. So...

6 whole eggs

200g chicken, 30g peanut butter

50g protein powder, 20g olive oil

250g steak mince, 25g cheese

etc etc

every 2.5 hours

And carb up for a period of anywhere from 1-48 hours each week, after the initial 2 week inducation.
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