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Hi guys,

Ok - well here's the situ. I am in the process of opening a Shisha & Ice cream lounge and we will be open in 2 or 3 weeks hopefully.

I am contemplating the uniform however. Initially it was just going to be smart casual to a code, eg black trousers / skirts with a white t / polo. However I think the brand could branch off in to clothing and the employees could be a way to showcase the first run of clothes.

The designs would be SuperDry'esq on fitted Polo's, Hoodies, Trackies, T's, and vest. I would prefer the designs to be stitched on, however print would also be find as long as it was waterproof and didn't wash off/crack after lots of washes.

Does anyone know any reputable suppliers that can do the above etc? How easy it is to get done, how expensive etc. There would be one logo for the front, and then a multitude of words on the reverse either printed or stitched so I can imagine the unit price being quite high....? There are plenty of printers out there but I would prefer to hear peoples experiences first of all and see if anyone has recommendations. :thumb:
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