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I have been goin to the gym 4 times a week for the last 18 months (with a weeks break every few months)

My routine was... 3 sets, 8-6-4 with 4 being the heaviest i could go.

Monday - Back and Bi's

Tuesday - Shoulders

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Legs

Friday - Chest and Tri's

I feel i made good gains due to both hard training and having my diet right.

I am now moving to a 3 day split, push, pull and legs routine.

Weds - Back and Bi's

Dead Lift

Pull ups

Seated Row

Rear flys

Seated dumbell curl or EZ Bar


Friday - Chest , shoulders and Tri's

Flat Bench press

Incline / Decline bench press

DB / Cable Flys

Front DB / Cable raises

DB / Cable Shrugs


Pull downs

Cable kick backs

Sat/Sun - Legs


Leg Press

Leg extension

Hamstring Curl

Calf raises

Does this look ok? I was thinking of going for 5x5's.

For example on bench press should i can do about 5 x90kg... so should i start the 5x5 at 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 ? then move up 5kg the following week?

Should i do 5x5 on ALL above exercises?

Should i stick to the same exercises or switch every other week. example.... decline 1 week, incline the next..... DB front raises one week, cable raises the next.

Thank u

Gym Addict
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Chest flat bench 3*5

Dips 3*5

Incline 3*6


Squats 5*4

Lunges 3*6


Pull UPS 2 *8

Db or bb rows 3*5

Deadlift 3*4

Pulldowns 3*8


Stiff leg Deads 5*5

Calves 5*5


Db external rotation 2*12

Seated pressed 3*4

Pitcher raises 3*8

Uprigt rows 3*8

Lateral raises 2*10


Skulls 3*7

Pushdowns 3*8


Chins 3*8

Wide grip barbell curl 3*8
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