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Hi guys,

Bit pi55ed off at the comment. I was all set to do a 10 week cycle of test e 500mg and its all gone wrong!

Reason being, firstly my girlfriend has booked to go New York 18th-12th December, so i cant go on the gear between now and then.

Secondly our main holiday for next year is booked mid April due to it being monsoon season after that. So if i started 5th Jan i would finish 9th March, then leave it 2 weeks till start PCT on 23rd March, then i 4 week PCT would take me past or towards the end of April.

I am going off what my mate has recommended.

10 weeks test e

2 weeks break before pct

4 weeks pct

x amount of weeks after that to hit training hard again and see how i am after pct.

So i was wondering if there was anything else i could go on for a shorter time frame, that would fit between 5th Jan and until mid April that will give me good, lean mass gains???

I was so looking forward to starting, feel gutted, so wondering what else i can do that would be benificial and see top gain. This would be my FIRST cycle so i wouldnt want to take something too harsh with lots of sides?

Not too worried about acne now.... for anyone with the same problem i would recommend Doxycycline tablets, quinoderm 10% cream, vitamin A and B5 - Worked wonders for me!!!

Hope you can help



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you could just switch to shorter acting injectables and depending on your goal MAYBE add one oral into the mix.

Personally i would prefer a mix of Test Propionate and T-bol if possible.

I'd run the test @ 350mg and the t-bol at 30mg/day. that should give you some nice gains while still beeing relativley save; even if you only run this combo for like 8 weeks..

Moreover you can jump right into pct 2 days after your last shot.

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as above you could switch to prop, you'd only have to wait a few days before commencing PCT. TBH Testosterone and its friends come first before any holiday to me mate. Send your mrs on some holiday spa week with a pet dog or something so you can concentrate on the training, i used to do it all the time.. works a treat! :) :) :)
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