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So I had some spare money lying around and ordered some flavoured whey instead, the unflavoured stuff I swear by normally as mixed with water it just tastes like milk to me.


Mixability: I mix all my shakes with water, I'm dieting at present so this is all I use. It mixed very easily, no lumps, some froth ( which I don't see anything wrong with) and no grit or sediment. With two scoops of this in around five hundred mls of water it is a nice consistancey.

Taste: chocolate flavoured protein generally is a safe bet I'm sure we can all agree, other off shoots can have some odd tastes though. I was amazingly suprised by this, it doesn't have a massive odour of mint but it is there. Anyway the taste is really good, I had one scoop for the first shake and it was diluted to an extent. But a very nice chcocolate flavour with a noticable mint hit aswell, I describe it as aero taste. ( maybe i've been dieting for to long ) but it was extremely nice to say the least. No funny after taste either.

Results: results being any stomach upset, gas, toilet visits. From useing the unflavoured whey to this I find no difference in anyway stomach issues, I had no EXTRA gas than I normally do so for people that this is an issue this protein is an option.

On an overall value for money scale this hits the spot. Very cheap, very tastey, twenty three grammes of protein per scoop, so not bad.

I mixxed taurine and glutamine with this today after my workout and it still tasted like an aero. So really I'd score this an overall nine out of ten. Wouldn't give it ten out of ten purely because you'd have to be somethig very special to get that. But it is good. Suggest people to buy a small tub.
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