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As I'm planning to go back ON this november, I've been discussing different kinds of cycles... Over here and in the gym.

I'm on a cutting process right now and it's due to last to end for christmas.

So, I firstly thought a 6 week short ester cycle, but I've been thinking of it as quite pointless, since I'm on a low carb and doing pretty much cardio (40' a day aprox), so water retention isn't going to be too bad anyway if I use long term ester roid.

So I got to the conclusion I could pack a few more kg of muscle and still get my bf% low.

The idea was a 10 week cycle with a good dosage.

I'm at 82kg At the moment for a 176cm tall and around 14-15% Bf. I'm sure I can go for something around 80kg and 11-12%bf by the cycle time.

So this is what came across my mind, see what you think.

Week 1 to 10: 750 Sustanon or 900 andstonon. (dealer dependant)

Week 1 to 10: 450 Tri-Tren

Week 1 to 10: T3 (25-50-50-75-75-75-75-50-50-25)

Week 1 to 10: 1000 HCG.

With the usual Tamox at hand if gyno appears, not sure about cabergoline for tren gyno since Ill be using T3. I might aswell have it just in case, anyhow im not sensible to gyno.

I choose Tri-tren over tren E, since I get more mg/ml and it has a shorter ester blend, plus it won't put much subq water (but this last point not that important to me)

Pro's: I think I can pack a decent amount of muscle and cut a fair amount of fat. Tren + T3 works really well I have been told. (but never used them together)

Cons: Will fcuk my cardio like sh¡t.

Some would say why not lower the dose to 500 Test - 300 Tren, well to be honest I've been there and I think I can easly manage a bigger dose for better results.
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