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Hi there,

I gave birth 3 months ago and have been expressing every four hours, eight times a day since he was born. I produce about 3 litres a day and our son now drinks about 500ml a day. As such I have a huge surplus of frozen breast milk; two full height freezers full and now going into a third freezer. I have donated as much as the milk bank would take where our son was born and do not want to throw the milk away. I understand it is popular in bodybuilding circles as a supplement and therefore I am selling it at £2 per fluid ounce (plus postage). I can post it and will do my best to pack it so it stays frozen or alternatively you can collect from West Sussex, UK.

I am 26 years old, have never taken drugs, have not drunk since I got pregnant, do not smoke and I eat a healthy diet.

Please note the milk is frozen and in breast milk storage bags or hospital breast milk bottles. I am not a wet nurse and do not do pictures, videos or any other weird requests. Expressed breast milk is all i am offering.

For more information please email me: [email protected]
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