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I got thoughs numbers from my own personal experience and from others that use gear and on trt.

Like I said to the lad he’s on t 400 and if the blend contains deconate/undeconate or prop then he won’t get the same reading as test e or c. But trust me if your on a straight 400 mg of test you will get 120 nmol of testosterone which again depends on your lab and how you metabolise but as a general rule. In fact 120 nmol on 400 mg of test I would be disappointed.

I am sorry to disappoint you
I’ve had this discussion with him many times tbh mate. He uses decent literature to try and back up his claims but the reality is very different for most people, as has been seen on here many times too

I usually get similar results to yourself. 400mg would give me anything between 90-110nmol as a trough reading, let alone a peak

if I got that on 600mg test, If you take away the ester weight, call it 400mg total test, which is 8 times what a high end natty produces, and only be 90nmol (3x the upper natty range) then I’d be miffed
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