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6ft 4inches, 19 stone fat fvck
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Bought these a while ago when i was getting back from work late everyday so couldnt get to the gym.

Theyre just laying about now probably never get used so though might as well sell them

Theres a bench -

And 100kg of plates in sizes 15kg- 0.5 kg standard fitment (not olympic)

a 5 foot bar

2 dumbell bars

All screwlock fitment

Everything in mint condition as i didnt relly use it for more tha a month.

cost 240 ish when new

looking for about £120 ish

Getting HUGE!
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hi mate

thats a nice price

i was wondering if you would sell the weights seperate?

im interested in the weights for dumbells but i have a bench

if you would let me know a price mate
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