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Hey guys

Ive been away from the site for a while although vaguely keeping up my training and eating. I am nearing the end of my time off, 4 weeks - only taken 4 weeks as I was previously on sus & masteron

My plan is this for 10 weeks

TE400 - 1ml

Sus250 - 3ml

Masteron100 - 3ml

Deca250 - 2ml

Dbol - 50mg each day for first 4 weeks.

Any obvious objections or points of reference?

Cheers guys

Gym Addict
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Seems legit to me, although I think your masteron dose is to low, I always found mast to be much better higher dosed, at least 500mg/wk. Everything else looks fine, just consider running an AI or something of that nature, at least have it on hand.. but im sure you have that down already!
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