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Managed to injure my right pectoral major during benching some 4 months ago.

gave 3 weeks reset and slowly started back up. I am training "ok" however i still have sporadic burning pain in the area that fluctuates.

I got a MRI done last week, the report shows "signalling" of inflammation in the tendon area however it is inconclusive whether there is a tear, or if indeed just inflammation.

The consultant advised i should see a physio who can perform shockwave to assist with healing the injured area.

There is a guy very local to me who says he does not perform shockwave but Laser which is a similar thing in terms of healing injury's, tears and reducing inflammation.

A bit of research shows that both a good methods to consider however on study did put an edge on Laser.

so, looking for any input for those on this forum who have used either/both of these technologies and any good/bad feedback
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