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Evening guys, just a litttle intro :-

Name is Martin and im from South Wales, to cut a long story short im tired of looking like i do... 28yr old and 15st 6 not sure about BF% but i know im at the wrong end of the scale, so i got me a home gym and some free weights to help me out.

Done alot of researching here and decided to go with the 3 day routine, diet wise im eating alot better than what i was. So from chocolate, constant junk food to low fat foods, protein ( chicken, beef, tuna etc..)

Main goal would be to look better due to the gut, some parts of the body i am/was happy with due to the jobs i done, ( worked on removal lorry ) so was up and down stairs all day carrying objects, now work on the railways so still seem to get my fair share of cardio i would say plus the heavy lifting.

Anyway, so much for the short intro... look forward to taking in more info:thumb:
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