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Hello guys,

I actually would love to hear your opinion about my training routine while i will try anavar and winstrol

My usual Gym Routine is :

Monday: Bizeps + Abs + Cardio

Thuesday: Shoulders + Cardio

Wed: Cardio

Thursday: Back + Trizeps + Cardio

Friday: Legs

Saturday: Abs + Cardio

Sunday: Chest (possibly cardio.. depends how i feel)

While i will do an Var + Win Cycle i think about increasing the lifting higher.. this is where i would like to hear your opinion

I am Thinking about something like:

Monday: Trizeps + Bizeps + Abs + Cardio

Thuesday: Back + Chest + Cardio

Wed: Abs + Legs

Thursday: Trizeps + Bizeps + Abs + Cardio

Friday: Back + Chest + Cardio

Saturday: Abs + Legs

Sunday: Day Off ... or just Cardio

I am usually 7 days a week in the gym anyway.. i am just not sure if this would be an overkill or not :) It is my first Cycle with more then "just Suplements".

Any Suggestions ?

Thanks for your input

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I`am not as well up as some of the guys on here but I can give you a few pointers..

7 days a week is too much..far too much...I would aim for 3 or 4 days tops in the gym..for an hour..hour and a half absolute tops!

I would prob split your days up different too..For example,

Monday - Chest + Tri

Tuesday - Rest (Cardio 30 mins)

Wednesday - Back + Biceps

Thursday - Rest (Cardio 30 mins)

Friday - Shoulders + Legs

Saturday - Rest (Cardio 30 mins)

Sunday - Abs.

I would also do some cardio for say 30 mins on the rest days...

I`am by no means an expert mate, and some of the guys on here will be able to give you alot more info than me; but your rest days are as important as your days in the gym.

Hope this helps..

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what dosages and PCT you thinking about using?

I really fancy trying Anavar stacked with Winny as well to be honest, just not sure what a good cycle would look like.,

im about 15% Body fat and my goals are to retain and build lean muscle while dropping the last of that to get to 10%

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well.. i am running my usual 7 day a week routine for about 9 month now and i never feel that i do too much. i just want to maximize the results when i run my first var + win cycle :)

I am just not sure if i would overdo the training if i increase it.

If it is too much then i stick with what i am doing right now.

Thanks a lot for our advice on that.


it won't be a verry high dosage. 25 mg of var and win each, every day for about 40 days. it is my first cycle, so i am rather doing a little less for a bit longer then the other way around.

And the PCT is another thing where i actually have some questions :) Right now i haven't planned a PCT to be honest except for an increase of "regular" supplements and possibly a higher protein diet compared to my current diet.

I am open for suggestions here as well :)

Thanks a lot for the responses guys !
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