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white male

26yrs old




gain 10-15lbs while cutting

no bloating or water retention

least amount of side effects

no acne or hair loss

I currently have in my possession anavar 10mg/pill and

turinabol 10mg/ pills.

my questions are:

how should i cycle these to help me achieve my goals?

how much should i take of each?

how long should i cycle for?

please keep in mind, that i do not want to get big and test is definately not an option. however testo boosters such as tribulus i can do.

i greatly appreciate all of your advice and information :)

you guys rock :thumb:

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I would say imo anavar is probably the only real weight loss steroid and is not much of a muscle builder, Tbol is known not to hold water fortunatly anavar isnot very liver toxic, now Tbol is but not the worst, I personally think you are being unlealistic, because your are asking to gain 15lbs without water or fat, so that means muscle, but ,if you drop water and fat, how do you expect to be heavier than you are now, you could be the same weight but much better condition?

You say you don't want to use test because of water ++ issues, well you can get rid of water, winter is comming lean bulk in winter, and just be a bit more careful on condition in summer, that would be my advice, you could do 70mg of each but thats not my advice...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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