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Hi all,

Have been working out for 4/5 years now. I am 24, 6ft 1 and weight 13 stone. I have had a bit of a brick wall and wondered whether under or over training may be the cause of this. So I have outlined my weights workout below

For all weight exercises I do a light warm up (for the first few exercises at least) and then do 3 sets of 6 reps increasing the weight each time - after the 3rd set I drop down to a weight lower than my first set and do 6-8 reps.

Monday - Chest - One free weight and four machines (two of these are assisted bench)

Tuesday - Legs - All machines (7) bar one dumbbell exercise (I know I should do squats and dead lifts but these really seem to hurt my back and knees)

Wednesday - Four Bi (2 free weight 2 machine) and Four Tricep (1 free weight 3 machine e.g. rope)

Thursday - Break

Friday - Shoulder and Back - (4 free weight 4 machine)

Weekend - Rest

I appreciate more detail of the specific exercises I do would be good and I started trying to describe them but just couldn't find the names of them on th e net.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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you havent outlined how many calories and your goals if its to add muscle just bloody eat eat eat and you will not overtrain

stick to basics always good after yrs when you think your stale to take a step back

bench squats deads

and basic bi curls with dips added every now and then will build you

but you need to add calories from good sources and sleep well

we have no idea of anything other than a training regime
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