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Been training about a year now and coming to the end of a cut. Planning to start 'lean bulking' 1st November and run it for about 7 months. Not sure what realistic gains I can expect but I'm hoping for 1lb muscle per month minimum (???)

I'm struggling to think of a good routine that fits around this

Monday - GYM 1

Tuesday - 1 hour boxing (intense)

Wednesday - Football training (moderate) GYM 2

Thursday - Rest (Full day lectures)

Friday - GYM 3

Saturday - Football game

Sunday - 2hour boxing (intense)

As you can see I'm struggling for full rest days and days where I can go to the gym. For the first 8 - 12 weeks of my bulk I want to go back to basics with, Squats, Deadlifts, Bench, Rows, Pulldowns, Dips, Dumbell OHP,

I was thinking - GYM 1 - Squat, Bench, Dips

GYM 2 - Deadlift, Rows, Pull Downs

GYM 3 - Dumbell OHP (Another shoulder exercise...?), ABS

I have traditionally done 5x5 on these exercises, would like to give this a change for something new - ideas? 3sx8r ? 4s x 6r?

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