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Getting Massive, Current PB: Squats 142.5kg x5ATG,
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Monday- Chest and tri's

Flat dumbbell press 3x10

Incline bench press 3x10

Incline dumbbell flys 3x10

Weighted dips 3x10

Skull crushers 3x10

Wednesday- Back and Bi's

Deadlifts- 3x10

Bent over rows 3x10

weighted chinups 3x10

Seated rows/Lat pulldowns 3x10

Barbell curl 3x10

Legs and shoulders

Squats 4x10

Leg press 3x10

Calf raises 3x10

Military press 3x10

side raise 3x10

Shrugs 3x10

So thats the routine ive come up with any advice, and should i be doing 4 x8 instead of 3x10?

est. '93.
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Zzz102 said:
lol, reckon 4x8 is better as opposed to 3x10?
I dont see much of a difference to be honest, obviously 5x5 has its use but 4x8/3x10 ide say its down to personal pref. All depends on the weight lifting aswell, mid range reps (6-10), heavy weights keep it intense is obviously better for hypertrophy. :)
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