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Chest and tri's

Bench press 5x5

incline bp 4x8

db flys 2x12

Dips 4x8

skullcrushers 3x8/10

french press 3x8/10

Back & abs

Deadlifts 5x5

barbell rows 4x8

chin ups 3x10/8/6 adding weight

one arm db rows 4x8

2sets of ab work

legs and biceps

Squats 5x5

front squats 4x8

leg curls 4x8

barbell curl 3x8/10

reverse curl 4x8

hammers curls 3x10


military press 5x5

behind neck press 4x8

Arnold press 4x8

lateral raise 2x10/12

upright rows 4x8

barbell shrugs 4x8

Its working well for me but any advice would be great!!! Cheers

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if its working why change, you best running with it till results stop, some times if you mess about and over complicate things it can hinder gains, just keep it simple
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