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right the story is im gunna be the next big thing in bodybuilding.... :lol: joke aside

i have very oily skin off cycle with the odd pimple nothing to bad... but when i go on cycle its worse.. i get a hanfull of pimples on my back and a few on chest and face that was on a 500mg eth and 40mg dbol cycle which i stopped early as of the spot isuess

anyway what im getting at is i know i dont have acne but if i took accutane while off would it allow me to take a bigger cycle say 1g sust 600mg deca and 40mg dbol without getting spots?? does t work for just oily skin or do you have to have acne? anyone tryed or used the stuff? i can get 30mg tabs have no idea what make they are.

cheers for the help,,
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