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Hey Guys,

I'm about to start my first Keto diet - I've worked out all my necessary macros so think I'm on the right track, but just have a couple of questions for those who have done it before.

- Where is the best place to buy ketone test strips, or do you mainly just assume you're producing ketones when on the diet.

- My friend seems to have also latched onto the idea of this diet when I mentioned it to her. She is adamant that she wants to do it, but she only really wants to lose about 3kg. (she is 51kg at the moment). Would you suggest that this diet is a bit intense for that?

- Do you find that having a low blood sugar level really makes you grumpy - as I have that on my normal diet haha! god help anyone that comes into my office at around 11am:laugh:

Also, do you guys have any other tips for the diet - anything exciting that you have tried or awesome meal ideas? I'm pretty much planning on basing my diet around chicken, eggs, steak and olive oil - introducing brocolli and cauliflower in VERY limited amounts to make things interesting.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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