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right im currently 11 stone 5foot 11

yes im fairly skinny :p iv decided i want to have a nice body for wen i go holiday

i go to the gym atm and have protein shakes and a reasonable diet however i want a proper 6 pack not one which just shows im a skinny ****

and also nice pecks and arms

what parts should i do at same night at gym and what should i avoid doing together at all costs

im guessing i should do crunches and cardio etc but what else is recomendable ?

im hoping u wont abuse me 2 much :p

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Firstly mate, post ur diet and training plan up.. it really makes you realise how $hit your diet really is (or it did with me anyway ;) )

then most of the guys on here will be able to help u from there. :)

irwit said:
Bet my house its a sh1t diet.

You ask for help but cant tell someone what you ate today ??? :censored:

give us a general day diet mate thatll do for now

as for workouts....

you want just arms pecs and abs... no legs?

if thats the case then just flat press incline press, deadlifts and tricep and bicep work

diet is key though mate

hiit training will do well as it will keep BF% low as you gain some fat during the building process but dont let it scare you

you can do crunches etc but i never have and never it may be my genetics.....

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You won't improve enough in 9 months, you would need 2 years for a big difference.

You will most likely find that it will take a lot longer to get bigger than you first thought, better get training!

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my stomach had no definition at all until a couple of months ago, im quite slim like u , i bought this sit up thingymajig lol dont kno the name, but i do 50 normal sit ups on it, 50 while lying on my sides,25 on each side, and 50 crunches, i do this everyday that im not at the gym, when i go gym i do 3 sets of 10 knee raises, and im starting to see abs, this is after 2 months

so its possible

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You can make some great gains in 9months. Firstly, sort your diet out, this means researching what makes a good diet, working out how many kcals you need to grow, then sticking to it. Secondly, get a proper training routine sorted, record every session and keep upping the weights. Compounds are usually best for beginners.

Be wary that with your new diet its likely you'll put some fat on, so be ready for this. If you want a six pack in 9months time, I would be thinking about cutting in 7months, leaving 2 months to get down to six pack levels.

Its not easy but its worth it.
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