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Hi all,

this will be my 5th cycle, my 1st 3 were test e @ 500mh pw with dbol or tbol and winny respectivly.

My last was sust & deca (500mg/400mg) pw and this was the best cycle ive done, put a fair bit of size on me.

Im looking to compete next year so i need to step up my game now.

just started pct, but planning mt next cycle already.

was thinking

sust 250mg & 100mg tren a, mon,wed,fri

so total 750 sust & 300tren a pw.

will use letro at a v small dose all the way through and hcg when needed.

this is gonna be a last mass builder before i start the comp diet.

after 4 cycles of 500mg and not many different compounds, is it the right time to up to 750mg of test ?

Thanks in advance


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dotn know much at all about tren, but i'd say that if you've used 500mg of test for past 4 cycles then 750 mg should be fine, although youw ould probably gain well taking 500mg again with something such as tren...just my 20p's worth dude

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