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This diet is based on the zone diet ratios which supposedly bring your body into a mild state of

ketosis. The meal plan is based on 40:30:30 ratio of Carbs to Proteins to Fats and if I have done

it right should promote fat loss while also increasing lean muscle mass. I think it should act a

little like the Body Opus or the Anabolic Diets without all of the negatives I can see attached to

those diets - All that fat for one...

I will have to adjust this as I feel the effects - Probably raise the calories for one but if anyone has

any opinions on it as a whole your comments would be welcome. This diet will be coupled with extra

protein/carbs for training days. As I go I will decide on those...

I may also have to separate the fibre based carbs out but hopefully not as this took ages and they don't account for a lot of the energy represented here...

As you may or may not be aware the breakdown of the three major food groups with regard to Calories is -

1 Gram Fat - 9 Calories

1 Gram Protein - 4 Calories

1 Gram Carbs - 4 Calories

C-P-F 40:30:30

2000 Cal diet 6 meals

Breakfast 7am


120gr egg white1g-C 12.6g-P54

20 gr whey protein3g-C 15g-P 1g-F


200gr apple31g-C124

1 large tomatoe 85g4g-C16

11g Olive oil on tomatoe11g-F99

Black Coffee00

Meal 2 - 10am

20gr Mixed nuts5g-C 3.5g-P 10g-F127

234gr Orange27.5g-C 2g-P .25g-F122

100gr Lean turkey Breast1.31g-C 20.9g-P .7g-F95

Meal 3 - 1pm

50gr Cottage Cheese Lowfat1.35g-C 6g-P .5g-F35

100gr Salmon 0g-C 20g-P 10g-F178

100gr Sweet red pepper6.5g-C .9g-P .2g-F32

115gr Brown Rice27.5g-C 2.7g-P 1g-F129

Meal 4 - 4pm

100gr Grapes17.15g-C .63g-P .35g-F75

20gr Peanut Butter5.5g-C 5.8g-P 10g-F126

24gr Rye Bread11.5gr-C 2g-P .75g-F62

147gr Scrambled egg White1.5g-C 15.5g-P 0g-F68

Cup Black Coffee


Meal 5 - 7pm

86gr Chicken Breast Boiled0g-C 25g-P 2.5g-F123

8.5gr Olive oil on Lettuce/salad0g-C 0g-P 8.5g-F76.5

180gr Peach20g-C 1.5gp .12gF87

200gr Grapefruit15g-C 1.1g-P .2g-F66


Meal 6 - 10pm

50gr Strawberries3.5g-C .3g-P .17g-F16.5

10gr Peanuts1.6g-C 2.6g-P 5g-F61

50gr Turkey Breast.6g-C 10g-P 0g-F47


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