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Hi guys,


Male 23 5'4 87kg 17% bf

1st cycle Tbol only 8 weeks bulker

2nd cycle Epsitane 1-4 Test e 500mg ew 1 -12weeks bulker

New proposed cycle is going to me a lean mass cycle, as you can see i have already have some size on me but a bit too much bodyfat from my last bulker as it was a bit dirty as i wanted to get the most out of my first injectable cycle. I hope to be around 15% when i start in a couple of months.

Here is my ideas:

I have espistane already and like it a lot very dry so would like to use it in my cycle, the rest is just ideas.

1-4 epistane,

4 - 14 400mg masteron ,

1- 1000mg test e,

2 -14 600mg test e

14-16 50mg winny ed,

16- 20 PCT - Nolva, clomid and HGC 10-16 500iu EW


1-4 epistane,

4 - 14 400mg masteron,

1- 1000mg test e,

2 -12 750mg test e

12-14 50mg winny ed,

14- 16 PCT - Nolva, clomid and HGC 8 -14 500iu EW


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personally i would run

Test e - 750mg week 1-14

weeks 12-14 winny 50mg ed


nolva 40mg for 14 days then 20mg for 14 days

clomid - 100mg for 14 days then 50mg for 14 days

hcg either run it thru the whole course at 500iu a week or after you finish the winstrol at say 500iu eod for 9 jabs.

epistane i have no knowledge on. I wouldnt recommend masteron for that length of time in a course like this. I would choose something else either deca/EQ or tren enanthate personally.
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