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This is a log of my 2nd cycle, anyone planning on doing something similar can refer to my experience with these compounds stacked.


Age: 37

Height: 5'11

Weight: 12 stone, 76kg

Got back into lifting in 2009, experimented with different types of training, body weights, light weights high reps, heavy weights low reps, circuit training etc..... learn't about different forms of dieting, experimented with different cutting and bulking regimes, tried a vast spectrum of supplements and extensively researched supps and steroids.

Cycle history:

First real cycle was Test E and Tbol, 12 weeks Test E at 500mg per week divided in 2 injections per week. Pinning quads only rotating each time. Tbol at 50mg last 4 weeks.

Ran HCG from first to last Test pin at 500 iu per week with adex at 0.25 mg EOD. PCT Nolva 40/40/40/40, Clomid 50/50/50/50.

Great cycle, no problems, absolute breeze, didn't feel shut down at any point, pip from the Test wasn't great but not too bad either. Went from 76kg to 85kg.

Prior to the above I did a 7 week run of 11 oxo which I don't really class as a cycle, 300/300/400/400/400/600/600, pct 8 weeks of Core Alpha Test booster. Good results, leaned out, nice pumps and recomp.

My 2nd cycle I did just before summer 2016 went as below:

week 1- 10

T400 @ 400mg per week, split in two pins Saturday and Tuesday.

HCG @ 500iu once a week straight after Test pin

Arimidex @ 0.25 / 0.5mg EOD

week 1 - 4

LGD 4033 @ 8mg per day

Week 1- 8

Tbol @50mg per day, I had a 6 week supply but run at Mon - Fri only, not on weekends so it stretched out to 8 weeks

Week 7 - 10

Trenavar @ 60mg per day

Week 8 - 12

11 Oxo @ 600/600/600/900

Week 12 - 16

Nolva - 40/40/40/40

Clomid - 50/50/50/50

Anabolic Freak test booster half way through Nolva and Clomid PCT for 4 weeks

Ran Core Alpha 2 weeks after that for 4 weeks

Cycle support throughout cycle and PCT was Pure Cycle Protect as well as Liv 52. I use Animal Pak all year round along with cod liver oil capsules.

I only did the Trenavar at the end for just 3 weeks as it was last minute decision so wanted to test the waters, ran a bottle of Inhibit P and followed it with a bottle of Prolactrone to keep prolactin in check. didn't think it was necessary to use Caber on this occasion.

The 11 oxo added some icing to the cake as an addition at the end and a bridge into PCT. Solid leaning out and vascular effects.

All in all it was another great cycle. Very lean results with significant muscle density. I didn't weigh myself on this occasion, but in comparison to my first cycle which was predominantly based around a clean bulk, this was much leaner with more quality mass and definition.

However moving forward I think I would prefer to keep it simpler in regards to how many different compounds I include.

The Tbol did it's job, it's mild at 50mg per day but the vascularity was apparent and it complimented the Test. Had mild headaches on the first few days after use but this soon went away.

LGD, no idea if this did anything at all so I can't comment on it. Any size or pumps in the first 4 weeks could have been the test and Tbol.

Trenavar (German Pharmaceuticals), this helped lean me out a fair bit adding definition, enhancing vascularity and fat loss. No noticeable strength gains but keepable aesthetic results. No Tren sides to report besides night sweats, maybe a very slight under the weather type feeling as others have reported but that could have easily been the issues I had with the very painful pip from the Test 400.

As for the T400, a combination of prop, Enen and Cyp. This was definitely effective and you can feel the prop kicking in as soon as you inject. The first injection in the quad went without a problem, the pip was bad but nothing too dramatic. However after the 2nd pin things started to get very painful.

From then on the pip was horrendous, the site would swell up for a few days then calm down, it wasn't an infection as it passed and I'm clinical with the sterile details. I was limping and had to take Ibuprofen to ease the pain.

Another issue which I didn't experience before was hitting nerves in my quads. I was injecting in the same part of quads as before (outer side) with a 1 inch needle as previously used. The first time this happened I could feel an uncomfortable pain as the needle went in over half way, not a sharp pain, just an uncomfortable one, so I pulled the needle back a bit to get out of that zone as it didn't feel right, then injected.

Soon as I pulled the needle out I felt like I was about to faint, I had to concentrate hard not too, started sweating, feeling sick and week, stumbled out my room walking round the flat like a mad man trying to get myself back to normal, injection site swelled up, managed to focus and power through it, had a glass of water and everything was fine.

It was an eventful afternoon. Apparently that was due to hitting a nerve and my blood or sugar levels dropping.

From then on if something didn't feel right I'd draw out and start again, I found out that apparently the best part of the quad where there are the least / or no nerves is the upper on the outer side were your pockets are. Injecting there didn't give me any issues in regards to hitting nerves but the pip and swelling was still there.

PCT went smooth, I didn't feel shutdown or suppressed at any point. Besides the pip making me feel ill everything else went smoothly as planned. Kept about 80% of the size a few weeks after PCT, the form, recomp, definition and vascularity remained.

My gym routine is 2 body parts per session, 4 different exercises on each body part, 4 sets with an 8 - 10 rep range. I'm in the gym around 4 to 6 days a week, on days I don't go I do 12 rounds of shadow boxing at home, 3 minutes with 30 sec break. Good form of cardio too.

My diet on cycle consisted of oats, whey protein, chicken, vegtables, lentils. Pretty much same thing every day, around 6 meals a day, occasional rice and bread. Calories were around 2300 to 3200.

I've been through numerous, bulking, lean bulk and cutting regimes and I don't need excessively high calories to make quality lean gains, it just makes me fat and out of shape with no extra real muscle. At the start the calories were at the lower end, towards middle and end they were higher as I could make more effective use of it.

Every cycle is a learning experience, personally for me I think simplicity is best, next cycle contemplating Test & Tren E, MAYBE throw Anavar in there if it's good quality close to the real thing, if not then Test and Tren is plenty.

Will most likely aim for glute injections next time round.

Cycle including PCT ended mid August, got bloods done in October, everything came back in normal levels, cholesterol was a little above normal range which could have been due to other factors around that time such as diet.

Even though I eat clean year round with minimal chat meals, high carbs for me leads to more fat = potential rise in cholesterol. At the moment I've trimmed down by keeping it pretty much just chicken / meat with broccoli, spinach and mixed salad. Feel great and Highly recommend it.
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