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Lift, Eat, Rest, Repeat.
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Planing on starting to cut, spent 2 months on 2500 calories a day based on 40/40/20 gained about 4kg and lifts went up, bodyfat went up only a little luckily as it was pretty high to start, but realisticly I need to cut pretty heavy this time around to get bodyfat down to at around 12% at least currently about 18% and 83kg

In the past have done some silly really low calories diets but ended up losing weight but still looking crap probably because they were to low in good fats and consistent protein

So thinking of doing a high fat high protein diet with medium carbs, not cycling or loading at all just the same macros each day.

2000 calories a day

100g carbs = 400cals 20%

200g protein = 800cals 40%

90g fats = 800 cals 40%

Another question is If I have 90g fats a day how much of that should be

saturated fats from animal/fish products etc and how much from olives/ nuts / seeds.

My training is 3-4x 40mins cardio sessions a week and 3x compound movements sessions on 5x5.
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