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I'm 6ft 1 & 75kg and my cycle is as follows
1ml x test 400 per week (10 week course but can extend)
1 x 25mg Anadrol per day (4-5 weeks)
Also running milk thistle & have an eating regime of 3000 calories & have protein powder also. Is this cycle okay to run and any advice and tips? I'm looking to look fuller not massive

My friends is
1ml x Decca 300mg (10 week cycle)
1 x 25mg anavar per day (4-5 weeks)
He is 5ft 6 and very stocky built he weighs 11.5 stone. He wants to look leaner

He chose this for strength and to cut

Both will be doing high reps of push ups,sit ups, Squats & have 40-60kg of weights.

Any advice would be much appreciated and PCT for afterwards
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