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  1. PCT
    Hi guys, Not been on here in a while! Since competing once and being on gear for the most part of 2 years I stopped with the hope of recovering before going on again or staying off for good depending on where i was in my life and how i felt and looked after PCT. Just got blood tests done 6...
  2. General Conversation
    I been back gym this week and had good session's, its good to be back.My diet is good so just gotta stick at it and put bodybuillding as a prority in my life if i wanna get in shape again.It is so un motivating knowing its gonna take a good year to get back to my best tho i must admit.
  3. Welcome Lounge
    Hello MC Used to post up here a lot. Hope you are all still training hard. I gave up bodybuilding and weights for boxing in the end, mainly because of joint problems, but also as was well known my psychology was unhealthy when bodybuilding! Hello again from Bristol Uploaded with...
  4. Member Journals
    i have got 14 months to get my fat ass and skinny wee legs into shape . can i do it i ask ? well i am gonna give it a good try. have never carried weight in the places women normally complain about but after surgery in may this is what has happened so this is all new to me havin to get into...
  5. Welcome Lounge
    darren greens 18 years old natural bodybuilder been training for nearly 2 years now weight when started i was 9stone scrawny weight now 16stone still gaining weight will post diet pictures etc say my progress would love people to comment and help me out thanks
  6. Getting Started
    Hi Guys, I am now five weeks into a complete lifestyle change. I haven't trained properly in 5 years due to starting two businesses and having a child, but made a decision to change that around. Prior to 2004 I was in great shape having been a gym owner, karate instructor and personal...
  7. General Conversation
    Realsied, this year is going SO fast.. and so many things to do.. what about thigns we WANT to do not have to do.. so, what do you guys want to be doing and where etc.. in 5 years time..?
  8. Welcome Lounge
    Hello, I'm brand new to this but not training! I've traning regular since the age of 18 and have not seen any real gains from training and any protein. Its getting to the point where i feel i need to go to the darkside? I train 4 times a week and play football once a week for cardio. My diet...
  9. Steroid and Testosterone information
    I got talking to this lad at the gym who turns out is only 16 and on the gear. He isnt a small lad but by no means big at all. So he was telling me that he was talking 250mg of sust every other day. I know a lad who is on the exact same cycle but 24 and its his 4th cycle. Then i got thinking how...
  10. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    found this quite inspirational, check it out:
1-10 of 10 Results