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  1. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Been busy without much time to post recently, i will be active again soon. Found this gold nugget to share with you guys though. Talk to you soon :)
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    I am a very active mma fighter. Although I do not compete I train 15-20 hours a week. I am looking at taking something to boost my performance and I was looking for an oral steriod or something else that's effective (no needles!). Preferably one that's cheap and not very toxic. I would also like...
  3. MMA Specific Training
    If you have followed the grappling circuit for awhile, you are probably familiar with the name David Avellan. As a 4xADCC World Championships veteran and 2009 Bronze Medalist, David has beaten some of the best grapplers in the world such as Alexandre "Xande" Ribeiro, Tarsis Humphries, Roberto...
  4. Grappling
    Hi, I'm wanting to get into freestyle wresting, is there anyone who has done it or still doing it, and can you tell me if its any good, and where can I train in Leeds? Thanks in advance!
  5. MMA Forum
    Tye Palmer Medway Park 11-03-2012 Tye a wrestler and MMA fighter from COMAT SPORTS ACADEMY
  6. General Conversation
    Any Wrestlers/MMA Guys on here? If so, what do you do, where do you train and have you ever competed? I started off with Olympic Freestyle Wrestling (used to wrestle for the Met and train Police Cadets), then graduated onto Thai Boxing (Bushey Minatours, Hertfordshire), before finally going...
1-6 of 7 Results