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Found 16 results

  1. Training for Valhalla

    Alright guys so I've recently moved house, and have much more space now for my home gym, I've been building my gym equipment up slowly now (and posted the progress in the equipment threads - building Valhalla) and will start keeping track of my workouts once again I'm making good progress and no better way to break in the gym with a wee deadlift workout
  2. Hi, Recently came to the finding I am intolerant to artificial sweeteners used in protein, bcaa, pre-workout etc. So I am looking for some alternatives using natural ingredients. Looking for a Protein Powder, A pre-workout and also a During workout energy. So far I have found Onnit produce some which cover these cases but looking to see what else is out there. Cheers!
  3. Apocolypse Home workouts

    Alright guys so the lockdown is in effect and the gyms have been closed for a while also. I don't have weights myself at home (I have some on order but god knows when they'll arrive) but I'm addicting to training like pretty much everyone on here. So I decided to film my home workouts improvising as best as possible with what i have and to be honest I'm having some cracking workouts.
  4. Hi all, I see people always looking for workout routines, so, this is for anyone who wants to use a workout routine and also if anyone has any input on exercise selection or anything like that, all input appreciated! I've been using this system for a few months now and I'm progressing nicely, tbh, it's one of the best workouts I've used. It's a weekly undulating periodization system, similar to p/rr/s and hst, meaning the goal changes from week to week. So, week 1 focuses on "strength endurance", this is done with 5 sets of 15 reps. Week 2 focuses on "hypertrophy", this is done with 5 sets of 10 reps and finally, week 3 focuses on "strength", this is done with 5 sets of 5 reps, repeat this cycle 4 times for a total of 12 weeeks. Each workout has a primary exercise and then accessory exercises, there are 4 workout days per week, the 4 primary exercises are Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press and Overhead Press. Here are the workouts Chest/Triceps Week #1 Flat Bench Press - 5x15 Machine Incline Bench Press - 5x15 Incline Pec-Dec Machine - 5x15 Weighted Dips - 5x15 Cable Crossovers - 5x15 Triceps Rope Extension - 5x15 Week #2 Flat Bench Press - 5x10 Incline Dumbbell Bench Press - 5x10 Incline Dumbbell Flye - 5x10 Weighted Dips - 5x10 Cable Crossovers - 5x10 Overhead Triceps Extension - 5x10 Week #3 Flat Bench Press - 5x5 Incline Bench Press - 5x5 Incline Dumbbell Flye - 5x5 Parallel Bar Weighted Dips - 5x5 Close-Grip Bench Press - 5x5 Back/Biceps Week #1 Deadlift - 5x15 Nautilus Super Pullovers - 5x15 Wide-Grip Pulldowns - 5x15 Seated Chest-Supported Row - 5x15 Hammer Strength Shrugs - 5x15 Machine Biceps Curls - 5x15 Week #2 Deadlift - 5x10 Nautilus Super Pullovers - 5x10 Close-Grip Pulldowns - 5x10 Wide-Grip T-Bar Row - 5x10 Dumbbell Shrugs - 5x10 Dumbbell Curls - 5x10 Week #3 Deadlift - 5x5 Weighted Pull-Ups - 5x5 Barbell Rows - 5x5 Barbell Shrugs - 5x5 Barbell Curls - 5x5 Shoulders/Forearms Week #1 Standing Barbell Press - 5x15 Machine Overhead Press - 5x15 Machine Lateral Raise - 5x15 Cable Lateral Raise - 5x15 Machine Reverse Flye - 5x15 Cable Reverse Curls - 5x15 Week #2 Standing Barbell Press - 5x10 Seated Dumbbell Press - 5x10 Dumbbell Lateral Raise - 5x10 Cable Lateral Raise - 5x10 Dumbbell Reverse Flye - 5x10 Barbell Reverse Curls - 5x10 Week #3 Standing Barbell Press - 5x5 Seated Barbell Press - 5x5 Dumbbell Lateral Raise - 5x10 Dumbbell Reverse Flye - 5x10 Barbell Reverse Curls - 5x10 Legs/Abs Week #1 Barbell Squat - 5x15 Seated Leg Press - 5x15 Leg Extension - 5x15 Lying Leg Curl - 5x15 Calf Raise - 5x15 Cable Crumches - 5x15 Week #2 Barbell Squat - 5x10 Angled Leg Press - 5x10 Leg Extension - 5x10 Standing Leg Curl - 5x10 Calf Raise - 5x10 Hanging Leg Raise- 5x10 Week #3 Barbell Squat - 5x5 Angled Leg Press - 5x5 SL Deadlift - 5x5 Calf Raise - 5x10 Hanging Leg Raise- 5x10 Week #1 - 5x15 Week #2 - 5x10 Week #3 - 5x5 Week #4 - 5x15 Week #5 - 5x10 Week #6 - 5x5 Week #7 - 5x15 Week #8 - 5x10 Week #9 - 5x5 Week #10 - 5x15 Week #11 - 5x10 Week #12 - 5x5
  5. Video training log -Big Als

    Hi so I've always kept a video log of my training and I've shared old bits on here before when I used to post more but thought I'd start again. Mainly just for entertainment but also comments and criticism questions and answers etc. Got two vids to share the summary of my 2019 workouts (what bits I could find on the computer) and then my first video of theis year
  6. I was given the below workout routine and have been doing it 5 weeks and have been getting some decent results. I started doing my own research and now I am not sure if it is optimal for an intermediate lifter. What do you guys think? NOTE: my gym does not have any machines or cable machines just weights, bench, squat rack, pull up bar, med balls etc Day 1 Flat Barbell Bench Press: 8reps-5sets Close Grip Bench Press: 8reps-3sets Dip weighted: 10reps-4sets Rear delt fly: 12reps-5sets Standing Side Raises: 12reps-5sets Incline Front Sholder Raise: 12reps-5sets Day 2: REST Day 3 Weighted Chin-Up: 9reps-4sets Barbell Deadlift: 8reps-3sets T-Bar Row: 12reps-4sets Front Squat: 8reps-4sets Barbell Bicep Curl: 8reps-4sets Forearm roller: 8reps-3sets Day 4: REST Day 5 Incline Dumbell Bench Press: 8reps-5sets Seated Dumbell Military Overhead Press: 10 Reps-5 sets Barbell shrugs: 12 Reps-4 sets Abs super set: Seated Calf Raises: 30 Reps-3sets Day 6: REST Day 7: Back Squat: 8 Reps-5 sets Incline Dubell Bicep Curls: 8Reps-4sets Bulgarian Split Squat: 8 Reps-4sets T-Bar Row: 12reps-4sets Standing calf raises: 30 Reps-3sets My goal is to bulk up and have an athletic physique. I have been training for 2 years now and was given this plan. Any advice on the workout plan would be appreciated as.
  7. Hi, I am in my early twenties and a relative beginner who has only been going to the gym for a few months. I am an average weight for my height/age - 73kg and 181cm. I know many of you here are very experienced and knowledgeable with a lot of wisdom regarding gym-going, so I would really very much appreciate it if you could have a look at my goals & plan and make any comments or suggestions. GOALS: I'm not aiming to be a bodybuilder, I just want to have some decent visible muscle on my upper body and flatten out my belly/abs. Think more Brad Pitt in Fight Club as opposed to The Rock. I can only commit 2-days-per-week to the gym (usually Monday and Friday). I know this isn't ideal, but it's the reality of my schedule. I know this may take a lot longer to get to my ideal physique, but I'm willing to play the long game and hopefully keep it at that level throughout my life. I will also go a run 1-day-per-week for cardio, and I go regular walks, and hiking in the mountains on average once a month. CURRENT WORKOUT ROUTINE: I do this same workout every time I go to the gym. This is the correct order in which I do it. I know I would be better changing it up completely every so often, but I find it very difficult to learn full new workouts/routines/form etc. Ideally I'd like to keep as much the same as possible. 1.) Abs: All of this TWICE [25 crunches, 15 sit ups, 30 raised leg crunches, 30 crunches with leg extension, 44 alternating heel touches, 50 scissor kicks (criss cross), 50 scissor kicks (up & down), 30 russian twists with 9kg kettlebell, 44 mountian climbers, 44 mountain climbers (2nd time)] 2.) 3 x 15 [30kg] Barbell Squats 3.) 2 x 10 Assisted Pull Ups (20kg counterweight on machine so bodyweight minus 20kg [approx 53kg lifed]) 4.) 2 x 10 Assisted Dips (20kg counterweight on machine so bodyweight minus 20kg [approx 53kg lifted]) (I try to focus more on tricep dips) 5.) 2 x 10 Assisted Chin Ups (20kg counterweight on machine so bodyweight minus 20kg [approx 53kg lifted]) 6.) 2 x 10 [12kg per dumbbell] Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Military Press 7.) 2 x 10 [12kg per dumbbell] Standing Dumbbell Curls 8.) 2 x 10 [16kg per dumbbell] Dumbbell Bench Press 9.) 2 x 10 [Approx 28kg] Cable/Rope Tricep Extension/Tricep Pushdown 10.) Abs: 60seconds front plank, 30 seconds side plank (right), 30 seconds side plank (left) DIET: Immediately after each gym workout I eat approximately 35g protein (in 130g chicken with 4 slices of wholegrain bread sandwiches), a 15g protein protein bar, and an apple. Every morning for breakfast I have 2 Weetabix with some musili, branflakes, a banana and about 30g mixed nuts. The rest of the week I don't consume protein products specifically but have a fairly healthy and balanced diet with a mixture of meat, carbs, fruit and vegetables. My diet isn't perfect but is reasonably healthy. What I am pretty much looking for is literally any suggestions to improve this workout routine (or diet) and achieve my goals as specified above, within the confines of my schedule. Any comments or suggestions or answers are welcome, no matter how critical, I don't mind. If you think my full plan/strategy is completely wrong then I am happy with this and glad you have told me. Thank you very much in advance for all your help. Cheers, Stephen.
  8. What do you guys think of this for a workout plan... 6 day split... two different pull routines, two different push and two different legs routines... can be carried out over the course of 7 or 10 days... Each session should start with some mobility and a 5-10 minute warm up Each session should end with tabata and 5-10 minutes of strectching PULL DAY 1 Deadlift 1x15 3x6-8 BB Rows 3x8-12 Reps Pull ups wide grip 3xfailure Lat Pulldown narrow grip 3x8-12 Reps Rear Delt (Reverse Pec Deck) 3x12 Reps Standing Bicep Curls 3x6-8 Reps Concentration Curls 3x12 Reps PUSH DAY 1 OHP 1x15 3x8-10 DB incline bench 1x15 3x8-10 Flat Bench 1x15 3x10 DB Lat Raises 4x10-12 2xdrop sets DB Flies 3x8-12 EZ Bar Skullcrushers 3x10 Rope Pulldown or Overhead 3x12 LEG DAY 1 Back Squats 1x15 3x6-8 RDLs 3x8-10 Hamstring Curl 3x12 Reps Leg Cable Extension 3x12 Reps Calf raises 3x6-8 dropsets 2x15 Reps Weighted sit ups 3xfailure Crunches 3xfailure Super set.... Toe touches 3xfailure PULL 2 Deadlifts 1x15 3x6-8 Pull ups hammer grip 3xfailure Underhand row machine 4x10 Cable lat push down 3x10 Face pulls 3x10 Preacher curls 4x10 DB hammer curls 4x10 Shrugs 1x15 4x10 (x2 drop sets) PUSH 2 Vaired angle Push ups 2xfailure DB Seated OHP 4x8-10 Incline BB bench 1x12 2x8 1x12 (full pyramid) Smith machine sitting OHP 3x-10 (negatives) Cable bar front raises 3x10 DB Rear flys 3x10 Superset Plate raises 3x10 Sven press 3x10 Cable Scoops 3x10-12 DB Tricep kickbacks 3x10 Cable Tricep push downs 3x10-12 LEGS 2 Glute activation Squats 1x15 1x10 1x4 1x8 1x12 (pyramid) Power bag walking lunges 3xfailure Leg extension (lever machine) 3x10-12 Bent over calf raises 4x12 last 1 is a drop set.. Standing calf raises 4x12 last is 1 is a drop set.. The plank 3xfailure (Tri set) 3xfailure Hanging leg raises DB Side bends Medicine ball sit ups and rotations
  9. Hello, I'm looking for a decent pre workout option for the Mrs. In the past she has used and enjoyed EAS T5's (Original Formula), and T5 Extreme (DMAA Formula post Eph ban). I can still aquire these products but ideally I'm looking for a less grey area item. Additionally, I worry about the negative effects these formulas may have on her. Something that will give her that pre workout buzz and motivation. It doesn't need to actually contribute to her weight loss - but she should feel the effects and believe that it is helping. Placebo style. There's some products MyProtein and Bulk Powders. Eg The Pre Workout, ThermoPure, Elevate etc. - any idea if these are suitable? Thanks in advance.
  10. Creating a home gym app

    Hello everyone, I have an idea and was wanting some feedback on the idea. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. My idea is a home gym app where you can input into the app all the equipment you have at your home gym and the app will suggest exercises you can do with the equipment you have. Whilst looking for routines for myself, I tend to find exercises or workout plans that require equipment that I don't have and this could be a possible solution. Thank you for reading and any feedback on what you think will be very useful. Let me know if you would if you would use the app and would like something like this to be part of your gym life.
  11. How do you take your protein?

    Hi Everyone! I'm working on a project for my masters thesis on sports and nutrition and I would love to hear about how you take your protein! It's really short (less than 2 mins) and easy to fill out Here's the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6QR7NGQ Thanks so much for your help, can't wait to get your input! P
  12. Workout Plans

    Anyone know of any decent websites or any free downloadable pdf workout plans? Needing some new direction! Cheers, Vino
  13. Hey guys, My diet is very calorie deficient and extremely low in carbs, only 66g per day. I've gotten quiet lean, though, I've managed to maintain good musculature as I am on an anabolic. However, my muscles have started looking flat and dull. I realize that this is from depleted glycogen that never really gets refilled as I eat very little carbs and work out quite hard daily. I'd like to add simple carbs to my diet right after my workouts mixed in with my whey shakes. My question is how many grams of sugar should I aim for?
  14. Just beginning after years of only light cardio (walking and running at weekends), I've started a workout with a 12 kg kettlebell of two sets of 26 overhead presses (13 on each arm) and then ten sets of 20 alternating front press-aways (10 straight, 10 at 45 degrees, each set). Five days a week. My goal is to bulk up my chest, shoulder and arm muscle. Doing the above routine five days a week, how soon would it be before I see noticeable improvement in torso and arms? Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. Hi everyone, First of all I just registered as you might have noticed. This is going to be a long post so please bear with me. I am not new to fitness; I have played sports at high intensity since 12 (Born in Italy, moved to England at 12) including Football, Basketball, Running, Cycling etc... I am 5'6, 67/68 Kg. As an example, in my 2 years at University I used to cycle everyday (except Sat-Sun when lectures where not on) on a massively inclined uphill road. I developed Abs as a result. I don't want a cookie lol just to show you guys that I am not a fitness noob. But, I have never really explicitly done Strength work, I am essentially an endurance athlete. I have been running 5k everyday for 2 years (I do everything at home, I don't go to the gym), on a treadmill which only goes up to 12km/h. On day 3 and 5 I usually added 2k at a 12% incline. Since I don't have a job, all I do is train now really. I have recently added Strength training to my routine, so I can't run as much due to energy levels being low. My strength training started with 2 10Kg Dumbells, hoping to move up to 30-40Kg after 2-3 months of work. This is a mid-week day, as it gets near the end of the week excercises start getting less: https://pastebin.com/RszpRrYd Monday has more reps, and usually includes the 2k Incline Run. I essentially work all day, as I said. I wake at about 15:00pm (due to habit) and go to bed at 6-7am. What I am asking is whether the amount of rest would give problems with toning and muscle growth, or all that matters is how much you do. For example, I get up, have a coffee (I don't have breakfast), a couple of spoons of Fage 0% (due to high protein), then start with crunches, curls etc... Then I have lunch, usually its 80g of pasta with some condiment (not tomato or sauces) like Parmesan, prawns, olive oil, black olives or similar things. Sometimes its risotto. You get the idea. I then get back to training and complete the day with my run or runs. Then the rest of the day I essentially sit down for some periods, but continue to train throughout. For example I am sitting down, then I get up do 10 Bicep Curls, 20 crunches and sit down again for an hour or something. I do this until I go to bed. Sorry for the massive post, I hope you understand my question. Is it useless continuing training after your body is at rest, or is "the more the better?"
  16. Help???

    Hello, I’m 15 years old and I’m sort of fighting a losing battle with my body. See all my friends and that have really nice slim body’s with abs and then there’s me. We all go to the gym and workout about 5 times a week. I do different workouts for every day (example; chest and tryceps). Now a lot of people would say this is all well and good but when you’ve been at it for a year and have barley made a change I must be doing something wrong. I get told to do different things by many different people, some say to slim, others say to bulk and it’s driving me crazy. For my diet I eat for breakfast a bowl of weetobix, dinner 2 cerial bars becuase at school there’s nothing to eat but pizza and chips, and for tea either chicken and rice or omlette. Now this diet worked for me in the past as I lost 2.4 stone as a result (this inluded running) but now my mind set is on cutting. Also please note that I’m a very fussy eater and I don’t like fish and I barley touch vegetables although if this is a big cause for me not gaining I will force them down me haha. Also I have just started having a protein shake in the morning and evening as reccomended by another person in the gym. I would really appreciate some pointers off someone who knows what I actually need to do from reading this a checking the pictures. Do I need to cut, bulk or lose weight and if so how? And please also give pointers on my diet as this is a major concern for me. Thank you.