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Found 23 results

  1. Ok so Im a newbie and thinking of trying a cycle for the first time ever and have my eye on Winstrol in tablet form. I have seen Pharmacom brand mentioned and doing a quick google search brings up the company link on the top of the list so pretty easy to find. My question is, do they ship from the UK as importing is illegal and I dont want to get busted for buying from the wrong source. And has anyone had any experience doing a cycle while on TRT? Cheers guys / girls
  2. Afternoon all, At just under 4 weeks weeks of first cycle (pre holiday cut) of TestC 250mg p/w (just increased to 300mg) and 50mg Anavar ED. Unfortunately had to drop the VAR 3 days ago as just got sick of the stomach bloating/pain and acid reflux. Tried @swole troll suggested Kefir, degistive enzymes, ACV and they helped with the reflux but the stomach issues remained. Real shame as was really loving the pumps, hardness, vascularity and strength. I looked at injectable VAR as a possible way around these symptoms - but seems very hard to source legit stuff. Would injectable Winstrol be a decent alternative to avoid the stomach issues? - my supplier has 50mg/ml Pharmacom. And if yes, would dosage should i be looking at for a first cycle? For context been on TRT for several years at approx 100mg p/w + 100iu HCG ED.
  3. Hi guys. English is not my first language... Im 38, 170 cm, 210 lbs. I guess 18 % body fat. I started training 20 years ago. The last 11 years I was natural, until last year I had a test 500 mg than a test 600, npp 300mg per week cycle for 12 week. 5 years ago I had a problem with my heart because I started feel palpitations and skip heartbeats. From that time a cardiologist prescribed for me a beta blocker and I had no simptoms. 6 weeks ago, I started a new cycle, 600 mg magnus test e, 420 mg hygene deca and 300mg magnus masteron weekly., with 0.5 mg arimidex 2x per week. I used the magnus test before, and I always have zero pip, and my test levels pretty good on it. After 4 weeks in my new cycle my test level was 162 nmol/L and my oestradiol 83.2 pmol/L. I never used deca or masteron before, but I think the npp should give me the same side effects. I had no problem before on npp. After 5 weeks in the cycle I started 40 mg stanozolol daily, and the heartbeat skips and the palpitations came back and now its really scary. I stopped the stanozolol 2 days ago. Anybody had this kind of side effects from deca, winstrol or masteron? What is your advise guys? The dr from GP said to me via phone, that I need to increase the daily dose of beta blocker and lets see whats happening. But she dont know about steroids... Thanks for your answer.
  4. Hi everyone it’s been a while since I joined this forum I was currently a member years back called Bigbiff some may remember but I havn’t posted for years and it’s good to be back. I will get down to to it, July 2019 I started back in the gym after having a 2 year break due to a serious hand injury leaving me pretty much disabled with 3 fingers torn without ligaments and tendons, so when I train now I have to use little to no weight or straps as I can’t make a fist or grip. Anyways I decided to started training again in July and of course with the shape I was in I wanted to get back on cycle, My cycle goes as follows Test prop: 300 PW Mast e: 400 PW Tren ace: 300 PW Also ran PARABOLIN when I couldn’t get any tren ace for a month: dose 400 Anavar: 30mg daily I’ve been off now 3 months since beginning of feb, I started cruising on Test e at 250 and proviron at 25mg twice a day I feel REALLY not myself, since HRT I’ve notice zero sex drift, absolutely no desire for it, can’t maintain an election snd when i do f**k it goes soft, struggle to ejaculate. I’m fatigued my motivation has gone out the window. I Need help guys I can’t get my bloods done and simply can’t afford a prolactin test with the current situation I’m in, I’m lactatin from my nipples and there puffy it’s got to be from the tren. My moods are terrible im depressed and I think my dopamine receptors are shot to s**t I’m considering lowering my test to prop 40mg eod for cruise I’ve just picked up some Cabergoline. Now without bloods I don’t know if my prolactin is high but there’s a good chance it is as I ran such a heavy cycle of tren for months and all for a few nothing. What dose should I run the caber at I’ve heard 0.25 mg e3d or 0.5 every 5 days I’m willing to give it a go as I really want to feel myself again and it’s effecting my relationship not being able to have sex or desire to and moods are f**ked. Any advice on the Caber and has anyone used this stuff whilst cruising or pct, duration and times when I will notice a difference and what to expect? Here are some photo of my 8 week transformation after that I just maintained until lockdown.
  5. Has anyone run Pharmacom Winstrol, Stanos? Did you rate it well?
  6. Hi guys, fairly new to making a post such as this, I just need some help, I’m wanting to know some of the best labs around for orals ? As I’ve had two really shitty bunk experiences with ‘Elixr’ labs, I’ve tried their anavar and T5’s and had next to nothing out of them what so ever, just looking for some solid labs cheers guys
  7. Hello all, I have a few questions but thought I'd make a post first introducing myself and what I've been up to... Should save over long posts later on! I've been lifting for 8 months and id say the last 3 of them I've been doing it properly. I follow the Stronglifts 5x5 routine religiously and it's now got to the point where I'm unable to add weight, or at least regularly add weight weekly. I used Winstrol oral 50mg/day for 6 weeks, ending 6 weeks ago. Certainly noticed an improvement in tone and hardness but no massive strength increases. Which wasn't to be expected since I was at that point working with a deficit and losing fat. I have just purchased a Tren.A/Test.E cycle with Anastrozole, Cabergoline and Primobolan. I have Pregnyl, Nolvadex, Clomed for PCT. It has cost a fortune but there is no equally question that this is the real deal. Has anyone used this kind of stack, what are your experiences with it?
  8. My wife stopped growing while bulking cycle. Now its the 6th week of same weight. Protein, carbs,clean food ensured. Training probably ok, any idea about possible other causes? I mean: failed gear quality, absorption issues by her celiac disease, or simple wrong roid distribution? Started June with Masteron for 4 weeks, then Stanazolol pills, then its the 6th week of NPP now, 0,8ml/100mg every second day... Just read somewhere, that for female body builders NPP should be supported some other gear also, its no use to operate itself.
  9. Hi I'm aware this is quite a specific subject, but dry eye syndrome is something that has caused me great difficutlty in my life, often having to leave or avoid specific working environments because of it. One thing I have however managed is to stay very consistent with my training. I've been training 8 years naturally and felt I reached a point where gains were very very gradual. I started taking test 500 a week and running anavar. This caused no problems at all with my eye condition infact I think the test actually improved dryness somewhat. However I recently added masteron prop and seem to have had constantly dry eyes while running this....currently 10 days in. I wondered if anyone else had experience with compounds causing dry eyes or skin I presume would be similar, if so what to avoid and what to try. I'm aware this is very specific topic and probably reaching for an answer but I can't find any threads online about this. I want to compete and persue a career in bodybuilding but I'm aware it's going to be very difficult if I can't get my cycles right. Thanks in advance
  10. Optimum Biotech. Yay or nay?

    Evening chaps Just received Optimum Biotech winstrol (50) from a trusted source. Don’t know anything about the UGL and can’t find any info on them. it’s my first experience with them. They seem to be everywhere. Any opinions on them especially their orals would be much appreciated ??
  11. New to forum but I come here often to check which labs are g2g and for information to help do a successful cycle. I'm planning on a cutting cycle and wondering what would give best results. I'm wanting to lose around 6kg fat in over 2-3 months, current at 93 kg. Think im just under 20% bodyfat. Going to run test 400. Thinking at 800 per week. Planning on running either Anavar or Winstrol with it at 50mg per day. Also thinking of adding Clenbuterol to that. Would that be too much? Would the clen in addition be harmful? Been looking at sphinx t5 230 as well so that could replace the clen if that would be better. So question is Anavar or Winstrol? Which would be best for cutting while maintaining/gaining muscle? And would clen or t5 230 be safe to add to that or would it cause harm/hinder gains?
  12. Simple question. Which labs currently have the best oral winny, tbol and var? Experiences and lab results would be very welcome.
  13. Cycle advice

    Hi guys Thinking of running the following 400mg test e 600mg or 800mg deca 200mg tren And winstrol daily instead of proviron for dht to lessen deca dick and tren sides. Has anyone ran deca and tren together at these doses? What was your experience? Has anyone ran winny to prevent deca dick and help with tren sides. I know people run proviron for this purpose I'm hoping winny can be used as its cheaper and you get the extra muscle building effects as appose to running just proviron. Thanks in advance
  14. Real or Fake ROHM Winstrol

    Recently purchased ROHM 50mg Wistrol from a website, my usual sources being actual human beings as I don't trust the internet but have been without anything for a while now. Been doing a lot of research into ROHM products and still aren't convinced that this is the real deal, if anyone can shed light on this please do so
  15. 2ND EVER CYLE DONT HATE PLEASE Hi guys needing some urgent help.... Im currently wanting to blast a quick 3-4 week cycle before i go to Florida with the family to cut up as much as possible, now my supplier says to run : 50mg of anavar e/day 50mg of winstrol e/day 250mg of Test E/ x1 a week Anastrozole/1 tab every other day - to obviously combat bitch tits I wanted your guys thoughts because i was initially going to go with the : 50mg anavar e/day 50mg winstrol e/day because i didn't think 3-4 weeks of this cycle would be long enough to cut natural test production ?? obviously ill be taking proper liver support and joint support for the winstrol But i just wanted your guys advice on what will be safer and best route and what PCT to use if i stick with my initial thought out cycle CHEERS
  16. Lean bomb

    Good evening all After 2 anavar cycles with good results I've decided to give Med Tech Lean Bomb a go. Anyone else cycled if before? Good results? Dosage etc?
  17. Hello, What are your thoughts on running stanozolol (Winstrol) at 20-50mgs daily along with liver support for 8 weeks or so without a test base? I know that the conventional wisdom is that testosterone should be included in any cycle. Though, what are the dangers in running an oral only cycle? Generally, why should test be included? Thanks.
  18. I am planning for my upcoming cutting cycle. Should start it this week. my current state : 110kg, 180cm 35yrs Male 24% BF , Pre-diabetic, TRT and T3 12.5 for life. NO Need to PCT !. my cycle plan is the following, please feel free to correct/recommend any changes: Week 1 - 12 : Testosterone E 250mg E3D Week 1 - 12: EQ 250mg E3D Week 5 - 12: Winstrol IM 50mg ED Aromasin 12.5 EoD my supplements, feel free to correct/recommend any changes : 6:00 AM ( empty stomach, no food or coffee for the next 2-3 hours ) : Cytomel 12.5 ALA 600. around 11:30 AM (after a meal ) calcium citrate 500 magnesium oxide 400 COQ 10 400 NAC 600 Centrum Silver 5-HTP 100 milk thistle 1000 Vitamin K1 (Life Extension Super K Vitamin K2 K1 K4 K7) Liv52 2 tabs Glucophage XR 1g Taurine 1000mg around 9:00 PM ( last meal and 1-hour pre-bedtime) Liv52 2 tabs Glucophage XR 1g 5-HTP 100 milk thistle 1000 NAC 600 Aspir 81 Crestor (rosuvastatin) Taurine 1000mg also, I bought some supplements but I am not sure how to use them properly would be great if somebody can tell me how to use them effectively "From personal experience not copy paste from the internet." Gold standard whey BCAA CLA Creatine Evlution Nutrition BCAA Energy " as pre-workout" also is it okay to keep my HCG 150ui eod while doing the cycle or I have to stop it until I finished with it and back to TRT protocol? My diet would be 1k defecate moderate carbs " based on TTDEE Calculator. please feel free to recommend / correct / whatever you see fit. Cheers
  19. Hi before any advice about not taking steroids I’ve already brought them and I’m going to try a cycle information I need: I’ve got Stanozolol 10mg and I’ve seen the recommended dose for males are 50-100mg 1. so first of all, am I to take 5 tablets a day? 2. Seen a lot of stuff about taking vitamins or liver tablets to help counteract the damage from the tablet, is it 100% necessary, like ill be drink a lot and a lot of water anyway atleast 3 litres a day, but any help on that will be great. 3. Lastly, I understand u need a pct after a cycle, any recommended products? im very active, age 23, 80kg and eat decent ,train about 5-6times a week, so I’m looking for just a booster. Thank you
  20. Hey guys. I have two weeks' worth of superdrol and winny leftover from my last show. Was debating doing a mini 4-week re-comp: 2 weeks superdrol followed by 2 weeks of winny. Obvious concerns are toxicity and joints, but I'm thinking a 4-week duration wouldn't be too bad. I'm assuming most will suggest giving it a miss, getting oils and pinning, however I only want to run something over 4 weeks. Thoughts? Cheers.
  21. Hello I’m new here have never engaged in a forum before, I’m 40 great shape 6%bf 5”9 and currently doing my 5th cycle of Tren 300mg pw and test prop 300mg pw and winstrol 50mg pd. it’s a 10week cycle but the whinny will only be for 6 weeks as my HDL was already a little low from some sarms just before cycle. My question is about my current body change on tren. I’m 5 weeks into cycle, Now I’m not a tall guy but not really short either. I’m already lean and don’t put on fat generally, I can’t eat more than 3500cals per day without gagging at 3520cals. Normally I put on weight, good gains on 3000+ I imagine if I was 6ft I’d be needing 4000+. Anyway I’m on some really nice tren,prop and winstrol and I’m leaning out at an incredible rate, I can’t keep up with eating, I’m trying to keep things all clean but really I’ve been hitting some fried chicken lately(beef craving junk food) and it all just goes into the tren black hole of nutritional partitioning lol. My weight hasn’t gone down my veins are crazy I look leaner though which isn’t bad but I do want to put on a little size, I understand that tren is the king of cutters but surely some size is possible too. Does anyone know of any drug to increase appetite? Apart from weed, my wife will pin me with anything I give her but will blow her top if I start smoking weed. Also don’t want to ad EQ into the stack it’s good but I have my stack sorted and I’m 5weeks into cycle already. Sorry for the long introduction and question. All the best guys n girls
  22. Good morning guys and girls, So basically I'm on 600mg Test and 300mg deca right now. Last week I added dbol in at 220mg a week. So it's 40mg on my training days and 20mg on my NTD. I've been taking the dose all in one when I get home for pre/WO. Is it wise taking 40mg/20mg dbol all in one dose or should I space it out evenly throughout the day to keep blood levels stable? Your input would be really appreciated guys. and by the way I'm using all triumph labs test, deca, droll, adex. All good stuff
  23. I've just got hold of some ISIS Pharmaceutical Anavar 50mg tablets (see pics). After a bit of research on the internet, I've discovered they're totally fake. An image search on Google produced 2-3 images of the same tub with the exact same serial number and dates. I've read that a lot, if not most of the anavar being sold at the moment is fake, with a lot of it being winstrol (stanozolol) being passed off as anavar. I'm not convinced that what I have even contains Winstrol as the level of fakery on the packaging is dire.. Can anyone tell me what these tablets are likely to contain? Can I expect any results at all? Risks/side affects with taking these tablets? and does anyone have any experience with taking them? They're the blue tablets with the ISIS Pharmaceuticals logo on one side and a split on the other. Thanks in advance for the info!!