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Found 6 results

  1. Diazepam/windy/anavar

    I use a local place that runs through WhatsApp selling prostasia labs products, a friend of mine regular gets diazepam off the guy non blister pack, I seen one of the pills and it was full of dots of all different shades of blue, has anyone had any diazepams from steroid sellers and why would it look “grainy “ the anabar and winstrol I got was very similar
  2. Winstrol

    Hello just joined so I hope I can find some help in some questions I have, maybe someone more experienced then I am! OK so the 1st question I have is I've never really done any steroids apart from a prohormone called St matrix which apparently is meant to mimic superdrol. Anyway I've just received some winny in a tablet form at 50mg and I'm alittle nervous in taking it if I'm totally honest as I've heard it's very hard on the liver and can get tumours from using! Does anyone have any experience with using this and can you run it by itself? I'm 36 and 100 kg so not a kid but just confused as obviously I'm a newbie. I would appreciate constructive comments please. Thanks again
  3. Simple question. Which labs currently have the best oral winny, tbol and var? Experiences and lab results would be very welcome.
  4. EuroGen

    Has anybody seen or used this brand before?
  5. So, im 6weeks out, i supposed to run 8weeker of winny, but after 2weeks i cant handle it, aches.and pains all over, worse than ever, and im on 30mg and was.on 40 for 8weeks last time.. same brand, same batch even, i bought lots of it so have it on hand when i do shows.. So im switching to 280masteron.. will finish with 20days of 10-15mg halo, if it is enough? Never tried halo and i was wondering how much and for how long to get that "hard" look.. Also im on 210mg tren ace, my show supposed to be 2 weeks earlyer, but i have decided to do an NPC show so.. first idea was 6weeks of both tren and winny, but i see i CANT handle it, also id never run so much gear to use both.. My Q is, does this look ok Tren 210mg, mast 280mg for 6remaining weeks and 21day HALO run?
  6. Came off of fairly long cruise of 100mg Test E per week from before end of last year and now in week four of the below cycle. All doses are per week, injectables split twice weekly on Saturday AM - Tuesday PM and AIs split over same days as injections. 500mg TM Test E 400mg TM NPP 350mg TM Winstrol 25mg Aromasin 0.5mg Caber Last time I tried Nandrolone was Deca and I f**ked up with high Prolactin resulting in some pretty horrible sides but this time I feel spot on running the NPP with Caber. Strength is increasing nicely as expected and effects of Winny are also quite impressive, happy days! Thing is, my libido is pretty comparable to being off or on cruise dose which I'm not complaining about as I can still perform no problem and doesn't annoy the wife like when running Test alone! Low libido down to low Prolactin? Is having low Prolactin liable to cause any health issues? Thanks