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  1. Supplementation
    i have been in a cycle of test first 150 mg week ,about 5 months and second 2 months 300 mg test week plus50 mg primobolan , at 150 mg week nothing happened no strenght increase , only recopmosition , and maybe a few more reps added at bench press , second cycle a litle bit beter but not real...
  2. Supplementation
    Anybody made or considering the switch? Whey is/was the only dairy I still consume (not a fan of dairy and wanted to drop it for ethical/conservation reasons), and the recent price hikes have given me the incentive to try pea protein (also, if brexit goes ahead then there's going to be a...
  3. Protein
    Hi everybody, I have recently moved to the UK and I need to refill my stock of whey isolate. I am an heavy user of whey isolate "Volactive UltraWhey 90" produced by the UK company Volac as they are the best whey I have ever tried. Unfortunately they don't sell it directly but provide the...
  4. Gaining Weight
    I am a 16 year old male, I exercise mainly my upper body (arms, shoulders, back, chest, abs etc. and legs) I am roughly 5"10 and weigh 131 pounds and I go to the gym for roughly 2 hours about 3-5 times a week. I have just bought Whey protein powder and I'm not sure how much protein i should...
  5. Protein
    ] So i've been going to the gym for a month or two now and really starting to like it, im looking at proteins but i came to a hault when i saw that there are "Diet Proteins" Here are the links to the proteins i have narrowed down to...
  6. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Hey, Usually I would train AM, after a coffee. I would then have creatine and a high blend whey. The rest is food, food and more food. Here's the thing , I am now the lowest BFP I have ever been, 5'11, 12 stone and want to maintain a low body fat and put on muscle. I think I should up my...
  7. Welcome Lounge
    Hi All Just getting back to lifting after a while out .Any suggestions about routines and supplements appreciated. Got the lowest body fat percentage I've had in years , ain't that big though . Want to put on lbm asap . Help appreciated
  8. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Addressing a frequently asked and very good question ; Most studies show no difference in results when comparing the two. (Animal vs plant based proteins) You can and should count your rice, pasta, bean, etc sourced proteins into your macros. Here are just two of many studies...
  9. Supplementation
    myprotein doing 5kg worth of whey for £45 no code needed any flavour
  10. Protein
    Hi, looking for a bit of advice on what brand of protein to go for. So far I have been looking at Optimum Nutrition, MyProtein and Maxi Nutrition. Any recommendations? Many Thanks Evan
  11. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Hi everyone, So I'd like to know everyone's opinion on this as there is some controversy. It goes without saying, don't put down a biased response if you're sponsored or anything please. Is whey and various weight gainers inferior to real solid food? Some people say it's just liquid food...
  12. Protein
    Just checked BP to see if there were any deals for my next order on Whey and have noticed the price has gone upto 54.99 from 46.99 or so.. Damn, another source price hike in Whey? It always happens but didn't expext such a large increase, same on MP. Are there any other suppliers you know of...
  13. General Conversation
    Hi guys, A friend of mine has just launched a new blog that I thought would be useful to a lot of you here that are new to training/the gym/health & fitness in general. Check it out here: Features an article on my business but a lot of other good information...
  14. MuscleFood
    Whey Better Than The Competitions... NO code - NO tricks - Just Premium Supplements at unbeatable prices!! No code means you can combined our BEST HAMPER OF THE YEAR!!
  15. MuscleFood
    Check out our BRAND NEW supplement prices - Whey lower than our competitors... Whey Protein 80 - Unflavoured My Protein £9.35 per kg Bulk Powders £9.35 per kg Musclefood £6.55 per kg Whey Protein 80 - Flavoured My Protein £11.14 per kg Bulk Powders £11.43 per kg Musclefood...
  16. Shakes / Bars / Snacks Recipes
    Hear me out, this sounds rank but tastes amazing. Mix a couple of heaped tablespoons of cottage cheese into a blender with milk and strawberry whey powder, blitz until no lumps left. My nutribullet makes it into a smooth milkshake, im sure a good blender will do the same.
  17. Food, Diet and Nutrition Info
    Simple question. If i where to drink a shake containing 100G whey (75G protein) during workout to get my protein .. would that be waste ? i get around 250-300G protein a day ..
  18. Personal Care & Health
    Hello guys! I have always since young age had acne. But I was on a isotretinoin - cycle in 6 months. ( It took hard.) I now have clear skin, if I keep myself away from to much soya milk (I do not know why, that provoke it), whey protein - actually everything with whey in actually... I get...
1-18 of 86 Results