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Found 8 results

  1. How can i lose weight quickly

    I gained so much weight when I started drinking surgery drinks some months when I drink too much I would gain 10 pounds I’ve been drinking green tea every morning and also making sure I have at least 2 litres of water per day for 4 days now and I’ve lost a kg so far. Although I would’ve lost more but I ate a lot of food
  2. Visceral Fat Reduction

    Evening Guys, Hope all is well! Visceral fat reduction methods. The fat that causes the most damage without always being the easiest to spot. When trying to pack on a few lbs I generally try to keep and eye on this area, mainly due to the massive array of varying degrees of complications that come with this particular lipid. (Chronic illness, overall health impacts & endocrine issues to name a few). What is everyone’s preferred tips, tricks and training secrets to keep VFat under control whilst Bulking? Some things I’ve found helpful - Water, water & more [email protected] water - Light aerobic activity (long Walk with the dog/shopping with the mrs) - Multicoloured vedge mix with each meal (fresh - no frozen) - Water - Strictly controlled levels of saturates & sodium - Did I mention water? - At the risk of sounding like a hippy, meditation. I’m not talking about sitting with incense and chanting ommmm with some Buddhist monks but more of a sport specific, or goal oriented moment to yourself for 10 mins each morning. (Stress reduction) I’m sure there are other elements to help with this area. If anyone has any suggestions, other things to give a go let me know. Cheers ? UPR ?
  3. i'm trying to get back into better shape after piling a lot of weight back on since my wedding in 2016, bought our first house , had a child and got back into a bad routine of food, drink and no exercise. Gone from 160ish lbs up to 207 so really let myself go! This wont be a ripped up BB thread, more for me to keep note of progress and track weightloss. I will be training at home for the foreseeable future due to funds and ease, i presently only have a bench and some dumbells but will be hopefully sourcing a bar, extra weights and squat stand. i will be training mon, weds, fri mornings before work and will, be doing higher rep full body workouts due to the limited equipment i have at the moment. Diet wont be tracked at first until things start to stall, i know my body well enough now after previous attempts to know what i should and shouldnt be eating. I dont eat breakfast (i know, i know). .... and lunch will be chicken, broc and brown rice with seasoning and a bit of mayo, teas will be whatever me and the wife decide on but will mainly be protein, carbs and veg, no more processed crap, and no more casual boozing, red wine has been a massive part of my downfall, could easily have 2-3 bottles to myself in a week plus a 10 pack of ciders. day one pics when i find a good hosting site after photobucket went kaput and workout routine to follow... wish me luck.
  4. I am a 21 year old Female. My body type is a Mesomorph and I weight 52 kilograms, my height is 5.3. I've been training 5-6 days a week and on some days i train different muscle groups twice a day. I'm on a calorie deflict which is 1.490 and my macro ratio is 40/40/20 and i've been trying to cut and lose some excess body fat and tone up a little more, although lately I feel like my nutrition and diet could be improved or better. I've also heard that some people see better results on a high protein high fat and low carb diet. Any suggestions and tips?
  5. Hi guys. I have signed up to the forum as I want to be transparent and share a five week transformation attempt with the fitness community which involves the use of both dnp and trenbolone acetate. My reasons for doing this is because there seems to be a lack of start to finish forums of this nature. Also I have not been training or eating well for the past 2+ months for reasons I will discuss below. I rather suddenly decided I need to go abroad so am flying out to Thailand on Wednesday 27th March which is why I have given myself such a small time-frame. I will post picture updates every week or so and will post a final picture before I leave to show total transformation. I am happy for you guys to ask me any questions which I will be totally transparent about. I am currently the definition of skinny fat so am intrigued to see with the reintroduction of both training and a caloric deficit as well as introducing anabolics and fat burners, whether or not I can get in beach body shape in 5 weeks. In post below I will share my starting photos of a front shot and a back shot. The about me section below is supposed to bring some context as to my background with training, but it may be a boring read so feel free to skip it if uninterested. Also I apologise for my terrible writing skills! About Me I have been training for 4 and a half years with the goal of bulking up and getting stronger. I believe this stemmed from being told I was skinny and weak throughout my life and I had always had very low self confidence. I started at a bodyweight of 71kg and would estimate I was 15-18% bodyfat. After a year and a half of training I (in hindsight foolishly) started taking anabolics. Over the next 3 years I focused on getting larger and stronger and my weight peaked at 103kg. When I first started training I couldn't deadlift 100kg, fast forward 4 or so years and I was deadlifting 220 for 8 reps. I thought that training, protein and steroids were the best things in my life and it was safe to say i was addicted. Despite this I still had a lot of self confidence, depression and anxiety issues which I hadn't addressed and wasn't even particularly aware of. I would go through phases of binge eating which i since have learned is a coping mechanism for me when I'm struggling mentally. With bodybuilding though I would justify it by telling myself the excess garbage calories were helping me to build muscle. I definitely limited my progress by bulking too aggressively using cereals and other comfort foods. Last Summer I had a dramatic change in my life and lost the feelings of depression, emotional emptiness and anxiety that I had carried throughout my entire life. I realised that I had built my identity on being a strong muscular guy and that it was unhealthy for me to be so attached to this identity. So I took a step back from high food intakes, intense training and using steroids. The result was that I actually broke through a plateau and got stronger with better form, leaner and overall just felt better. The last cycle I ran was 200mg of test e and 400mg of mast e which concluded in November (I will attach photos below). In December I had one significant life stress and multiple smaller ones and I fell back into a hole of depression. I began binge eating again and lost all motivation, interest and desire to go to the gym. I told myself I would jump on the new year bandwagon. So I forced myself start training again in January and within the first handful of sessions back I strained my lat (which at the time I was adamant was torn) and tore a rotator cuff. So in response to this I increased my binge eating and stopped training. I began to ask myself how I felt so good last year and what was different from then and now. I realised that last year I was practicing meditation daily, was kind to everybody I met, was eating healthily and training purely for the enjoyment of it. So I began to feel good again and decided not to rush back into training until my injuries felt better. After booking this holiday I have the desire and motivation to see if I can get in shape in time for my trip, but if I can't I know that I am ok with that. After I get back I plan n backing off my training to 2-3 days a week and pursuing another sport such as MMA or playing football again if my work commitments can allow me to play Saturdays.
  6. Hey guys, I'm new to lifting, as of last week actually and I've went out of my way and bought myself a plan from the guy on youtube called Fitness With TJ (Its a 4 day upper/legs/full body split I'm 17 in March, 6'4 and around 82-83 kg so around 13 Stone. I can eat basically whatever i want and my body will stay at this weight but I'm really not happy with this skinny fat physique. I've cut out all junk foods, ive been sticking to a lot of tuna, salad, chicken and only water. He said I should eat 2300 calories minimum a day and I'm currently eating way under that but I'm kind of clueless. I do want to put on muscle but I just want to get my abs showing. I know i need to build up my chest and shoulders too. Also, I have very wide hips which I cant do much about and im not really "genetically gifted" I'd really appreciate any input whatsoever from more experienced people or people who have transformed from something similar. PICTURES - , This week :
  7. Hi gents, Anyone tried DNP at 200-300mg EOD? I've got 250mg capsules, tried at 250mg ED and felt like death... So stopped. Now thinking of trying TaylorMade 100mg Tablets but... Still got like 18x 250mg Capsules. My understanding is the Half-Life is 36hours. So debating trying 250mg every other day, so in theory 125mg ED, but with the Half-Life being 36hours, would the sides (e.i heat, sweat) spike up and down on the day you dose? Really curious if anyone has tried this EOD method with DNP?
  8. Needing Advice and Help

    Hi all, A bit of background info first. So I started losing weight and going to the gym in 2013. I was 25 stone. After a year and a half I had got down to 17 and I was feeling good, motivated and loving it. The in December 2015 I had an accident where I slipped in the bathroom and hit my head which caused me to fit. My leg had slipped behind the toilet and when I fitted I broke my ankle and dislocated my knee, tearing tendons and damaging ligaments. I spent the next year on crutches and suffered very bad depression and anxiety, including panic attacks and social anxiety. I lost all motivation for weight loss and training. It might be worth noting I've always had problems with depression and anxiety but training before had got me out of it. Its now 2 years later and I'm 22 and a half stone feeling horrible. Trying to get my motivation back to get down the gym and trying to beat the social anxiety to do it. I do well with my diet for a bit and then I mess up. I work permanent lates at work and I always used to love going to the 24hr gym after my lates but again I cant gain motivation. Has anyone got any advice, any plans?