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Found 17 results

  1. Long term Training around ruptured discs

    Hi guys first post, I'm looking for some input from any experienced guys who've had to train around some pretty bad long term injuries by thinking outside the box abit I've got nerve damage down my back from a ruptured l5 s1 disc where I've lost the majority of strength and feeling in my leg, calf and foot I've had one op on my back but basically I'll never get back to normal and if it gets any worse a spinal fusion is next but this would be subject to another injury, so if i basically take care and plod on as I am now and strengthen my core things will stay as they are long term which is bearable This is what I'm typically doing up until the last lockdown. Basically 3 days in a row full upper body fri, sat, sun due to work Dynamic warm up 10min slow walking on a treadmill 10 min core work and mobility Chest 3 to 6 sets 8 to 20 reps Usually flat bench or decline but also incline dumbbells, hammer strength chest press, cable flys, push ups Upper back 2 to 5 sets with 8 to 15 reps from the below Chest Supported rowing machine with weight stack, dumbbell rows with chest resting on 30/45 degree bench, cable face pulls Lats 2 to 5 sets 8 to 15 reps from the below Lat pull down variations, macine assisted pull ups( much better for neutral spine)hammer strength pull down machine. Cable straight arm pull down ( lat isolation excercise) Shoulders 4 to 6 sets 8 to 20 reps from the below lateral raises, cable or dumbbell one arm upright rows, rear delt flyes, very light one arm dumbbell overhead press or Smith machine OHP but almost a very high incline chest press - overhead pressing loads the spine so I don't waste much time on this as its dangerous Arms 2 to 5 sets for bis and tris Dumbbells or cable work. Using a bar is to risky same with dips I'll also be doing 20 to 30 min on the stair master at the end of each sessions when things reopen Because my right leg basically doesn't work because of nerve damage I'll also be doing one day at home for mobility work and basic body weight leg stuff- squats, lunges, glute bridges etc no need to be in a gym for this The above looks like overkill 3 days in a row but I literally do a 10kg per side on bench to give you an idea what sort of weights I'm doing it doesn't even feel like I've done much by the end of the third day so it makes me feel its not worth bothering with if it's doing not much more than mild cardio work Please let know any suggestion for the best way to train on weekends around this injury to actually make some progress where I cant train heavy at all and I cant really increase the weight as time goes on so I have to make the most of really lightweights I'm going to be throwing as many techniques to up the intensity as I can I.e drop sets. Static holds. Rest pause/ DC training, pre exhaustion, 10 sets of 10+ with short rest,negativesb etc etc Please let me know any suggestions or what you'd do to get the most out of the gym
  2. Anavar

    Hi this is my first post on here I am a novice when it comes to supplements and steroids I have previously trained a lot and been around people who have taken anavar this helped them lose a lot of weight and trim down so to speak. I was just wanting some advice on weather anavar is a good idea for helping me with my weight loss journey I am currently 21 stone but quite active can run 5k easily ride miles on my bike and lift a lot in the gym but I am wanting to lose fat what would be the correct dosage a day for me or what else is available for fat loss?
  3. Good morning all I am brand new to this site, and need to get a few thoughts down and check I am doing the 'right' thing. Happy for tips and pointers too. I am 38, 5ft 11 and for many years played rugby. Was a prop forward and was a relatively in shape 18 stoneish for as long as I can remember. Injury after injury forced me to retire, and I then piled on the pounds, until about 3 years ago when I discovered a local bodybuilding gym. I fell in love with it and weight flew off me, the strength came back, and my injured parts (mainly shoulder) became stronger than ever. Then lockdown happened. The gym closed. And my wife had a baby during it. So from March I was not working out, but eating convenience crap from the hospital shop (as it was the only one open), and basically piled weight on. I also have coeliac disease, so was permanently bloated and getting the sh1ts as a result of prepacked sandwiches, pot noodles and everything else filled with gluten. August my gym reopened but reduced hours and higher cost, so I quit. But then found an even better (IMO) place. I absolutely love it, and I feel content when i'm there. Its an old school, sweaty, metal gym,And the guys there are amazing. But my strength had gone, so had to start from scratch, I couldn't push anything, my shoulders were dead etc. I trained 4 times a week, mixed in with cycling there and back, and started rebuilding my strength. But I was still unhappy with my huge gut, so I took the plunge and joined a local slimming world group with a friend. My first weigh in was horrific as I tipped the scales at 21 and half stone. YIKES. Now, this friend does NOTHING. He doesn't train at all, and admits that he binges, and then starves. Slimming world love him as he lost half a stone in a week, but ate nothing but lettuce and carrots. In their eyes, he is a success. I was jealous as I was only shifting a pound here and there, but after about 6 weeks I lost a stone-YAY. This then coincided with my strength returning, so my gym guy gave me a new 3 way split, and I LOVE it. Quick gains, hard workouts, 4 out of 7 days. Then about 3 weeks ago I put on half a pound. The following I lost half a pound. This week I put on a pound and a half. I am working SO hard at the gym, and people have started to notice my shape change, but in the eyes of SW I am not doing well. At the meeting, amongst all the middle aged women, the leader was all 'now MrMatt, a bad week for you. What went wrong?' I was gutted. So I said 'well, to be honest, I did have a couple of social events, but the rest of the week I am so good, and I train bloody hard, so I don't get it. All you seem to want is numbers dropping, but what about how I look or feel??' She couldn't really answer so I came away so deflated. I have since been researching SW and weightlifting, and have seen many people saying that SW relies on repeat business, and that's it. To be fair, I agree, as I blindly pay £4.95 a week to go and stand on some scales. But I feel I have hit the end of the road with SW. What more can I do? I have dropped the bad habits and am eating cleaner. My gym guy then started telling me about cutting, having 6 small meals a day, working out the macros etc. And this is in direct conflict with SW. As with that, rice, potatoes, lean meta, pasta are all 'free' so you can literally have as much as you want!! I'm aware i'm just rambling now, so would love some input from people who are far more in the know than me. Thanks very much for reading my story :-)
  4. My plan during quarantine is to cut by doing HIT training at home, but I don’t want to lose the muscle mass I already gained in muscle arms. How do I cut but still gain muscle? Height: 6’0” Weight : 170lbs Body fat: 14.9% BMR: 1791 kcal
  5. Hi guys, fairly new to making a post such as this, I just need some help, I’m wanting to know some of the best labs around for orals ? As I’ve had two really shitty bunk experiences with ‘Elixr’ labs, I’ve tried their anavar and T5’s and had next to nothing out of them what so ever, just looking for some solid labs cheers guys
  6. Looking for advice.

    Hi guys completely new to the scene, I've been on and off at the gym for years now but feeling more motivated and passionate about it this time around, I'm posting for a bit of advice, last time out I left the gym to gain some weight as I was sitting at a very low weight (i don't have the exact measurements of them) the issue I'm facing now as a complete newbie is I've put on weight to the point it's a full on beer belly now, I'm weighing in at 73.6kg at around 5'4. I started 3 weeks ago and my body fat percentage was around 38.8% if the scales I used were accurate! B.M.I was 27.1 and body fat mass was 28.3% last week I weighed on one of the fitquest machines and I'd dropped to 25% body fat B.M.I was 28 and muscle percentage was 43% and on Thursday I weighed again on the fitquest machines 20% body fat 35% muscle 28 B.M.I (please highlight if something isn't right as I've also lost muscle percentage) I'm watching my calorie intake with around 1920 calories a day on a 30 40 30 ratio 144g carbs 192g protein 64g fat (again please highlight if this isn't right) I'm not hitting exact targets of those carbs protein and fat. I'm currently doing a strength and hypertrophy weekly workout as follows Upper Strength Lower Strength rest Upper Hypertrophy Lower Hypertrophy rest rest. I'm just looking for some advice as to if I'm going along the right lines, and what I should be aiming for in terms of my weight for my height, my dieting (which is extremely difficult as I don't eat any vegetables at all) and my workouts. Any advice/help would be appreciated to put me in the right direction. Please be kind not to insult my weight in the picture. It's difficult enough trying to lose the belly now.
  7. Hi all, As the title says, I could really use some help as regards my diet. I'm relatively new to this and I understand as a late starter I've got a lot to learn. My whole life I've been overweight! 18 months ago I hit a low as my weight peaked at 18 and a half stone!! I'm 5'10" and realised I needed to do something quickly so started on the keto diet. Managed to get down to 13 and a half but over the last few months its crept back up to just over 15 stone. For the last month I've been going to Santino's Gym in Derby and love it! currently go 4 times a week and will be adding cardio to my routine this week. So I finally I get to the point, I still want to shed fat but build muscle at the same time, which I'm told is something that can't be done! how many calories should I be aiming at taking on board a day and what should they be made up of (protein, fat, carbs)? Sorry about the whole back story bit but thought it would help to know a bit about me. Thanks in advance for any help
  8. So bear with me this is going to be
  9. T3

    Is T3 still a POM? Is there a preferred lab/pharma to look for? Thanks
  10. Help With Plateu

    Hi everyone, first post here. So around June 2017 I was weighing about 20stone (280lb) and never trained before. Started to train and eat better etc. Started my cut at 2700 kcals a day and things were going well. Hit a few plateus and upped cardio and cut a few extra calories and this helped alot. Skip to now I'm weighing 228lbs have an okay muscle foundation but I have been eating about 1700 calories a day for the last month and cant drop any weight Stats: 21, 6"3, 228lbs (103kg) probably around 22-24%bf Tdee: 3100 Current diet: 1700kcals / 225g protein / 130g carbs / 50g fat Training: 3 on 1 off (chest shoulders traps) (arms) (back and legs) doing 25 min LISS treadmill cardio after every session Also walk about 3 miles 5 days a week to work or uni Been on Clen twice and had decent results both times but dont want to depend on it to lose weight I know dieting isnt supposed to be easy but I just want to go back to making solid progress without feeling so lethargic The solution I am thinking about is just doing a 16 week lean bulk to gain back some strength then cut again (feel like if I could fix my metabolism i could cut 30 or 40lb again easy) Anyone been through something similar and have solutions. Thanks in advance.
  11. Stats Age: 22 Weight: 99.7kg Waist: 38" Hips: 45" Chest: 42" Background I used to be quite sporty. Did gym and badminton a few times a week as well as gymnastics and ice skating. I gained a bunch of weight when I moved out at 16. Went from 85ish to 130kg by the time I was 18. Went down to about 100kg in 2016, had a hard time mentally and went back up to about 115ish last year. I peaked at 118, began to slowly get myself into a better state mentally and have gone from 116 in January of this year to 99.7kg today. It's definitely been slow process and someone else may have gotten there by March or April. The slow loss wouldn't be an issue but I'm moving to an East Asian country on the first of October that doesn't take kindly to fat f**ks so hoping to look more decent before I leave. I've stalled in this weight region for while. I think I was 101kg month ago and have barely shifted so hoping to use this blog to motivate me. Goals for this blog Weight: 90kg Waist: 35" Hips: 42" Chest: ? I want to lose moobs but if I do any chest work, I imagine my pecs will increase How Diet - Continuing to log my food daily on MFP - Have a 186 day streak on there woo Daily cardio - Ideally I want to be going for a run at my home gym or doing a class at my outside gym for 5 or 6 days a week Gymnastics - I've been too nervous to go but want to start going to the adult gymnastics sessions in my city even if all I can manage are the warmup, roly polies and handstands atm. I've been doing core/flexibility work with a trainer for about 7 weeks now once a week and I'll continue to go to that. Badminton - As above, need to manup and go to the weekly Friday session Weights - With all the above, there's a big question mark. Probably won't be doing too much strength work but may figure out a programme as I want to be able to be strong enough to do BW calisthenics so interested in targeting triceps, shoulders and back. I may do preliminary work on those mostly, obviously including some squats. But will focus more on strength and legs more once I move and find a gym overseas. Watch this space to see what I decide to do. Additional No supplements and I tend to eat vegan. Depending on how this goes, may make a new one once I move.
  12. Knee pain after lifting

    Hi,On sundayI did some dumbell lunges with 10kg dumbells and when i took the dog out for a walk around 3 hours later my left knee had a dull sharpish pain right at the front of the knee cap. It's strange because I've been running and walking on it for months with no pain what so ever and as soon as I start this exercise my knee starts hurting?? I am thinking it could be my form? So i kept my toes pointing straight forward and knees straight forward also but i am aware your knees should be kinda facing outwards when you squat so is it my form?I am new to weight lifting so form Is pretty awful at the moment so If anyone could give me any advice or help on this I would muchly appreciate it. Thanks.
  13. Hey guys, First post here so go easy on me. Im currently 98kg at 184cm and i am looking to lose at least 1.5 to 2kg a week of bodyfat to reach at least 90kg by the 29th of June. The only catch is i am currently fasting since its only day 2 out of 30 of Ramadan and also i have a slight spinal issue that its stiff/rigid meaning it hurts during workouts. Deniz.
  14. Premium Raws Is proudly associated with the Uk Muscle Forum and is offering all of its users 30% off the Website when you us UKM30 at checkout. If you have any questions with regards to supplementation then please feel free to drop us a line and we will do our best to give you all the information you need. Website Link: https://www.premiumraws.co.uk/
  15. Premium Raws is proudly associated with the UK Muscle Forum and is offering 30% off to all of the UK muscle users when you use UKM30 at checkout. If you guys have any questions about the brand then please drop a line here and we will get back to you. Website: https://www.premiumraws.co.uk/
  16. Hi, I'm trying to eat to a 1600 calorie deficit and everything seems to be super high in carbs... Fruit is really high, Pasta and rice(obviously) but they're like for 100g of pasta you get 33g of carbs. If I go over on carbs will that affect my fat loss?? I am also trying to eat 162g of protein a day. Carbs are 81g and fats 72g. Today what I have planned to eat and have eaten is Scrambled egg(2 eggs) and 100g of chicken breast. Then a a small pot of greek yogurt. Then some Tuna(in spring water) with a a bit of light mayo because Tuna on it's own tastes like ass, and then 100g of Fusilli pasta. Tonight for dinner I plan to have this fajita chicken stir fry kit which is surprisingly very low cal and has( 33g of protein, 7.2g of carbs and 10g of fat.) And I've had some melon but even after all that food I still have 702 calories left with 16g Carbs left and 61g of protein and 44g of fats. What Can I do? I am clearly doing this wrong but I don't know if I can eat something that's super high in cal and protein to take me up to my deficit and macros so I Don't undereat, But what if this was to take me way over my carbs goal?? Thanks in advance.
  17. Trying to lose body fat

    Hi, I'm an 18 male and I've been trying to lose about 2-3 stone of body fat and have about 5 months to do so as I am going on holiday then. I am 5'7 and 12st.11lbs. Most of the fat is around my belly and thighs so need to get rid of that ASAP. I've been eating at a caloric deficit of 1500 calories but haven't been meeting that dead on as someday's I'll have about 300-400 calories left but don't eat. I am on my 6th day and Haven't seen any physical changes... My scales that I don't really trust and have ordered some new ones as the one i currently have are quite old, But they have said that I started on 13st 1lbs and I am now 12st 11. I have been walking the dog most days for about 10-15 mins and doing nothing else exercise wise. When the weather gets better I will start running round the fields I live right next to but can't as they have been water logged cause of the crappy weather. Hopefully I can start that next week as weather Is supposed to be a lot better next week. The types of meals I have been eating are: Chicken Breast (oven cooked) with white rice,Porridge, Mince beef and onion with white rice and pasta with tuna(in spring water). I have coffee but Only with 2 sweeteners and a bit of milk. I haven't eaten over my deficit since I started so what could I do to cut weight quicker?? Thanks in advance