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  1. General Conversation
    Yeah yeah...I know, grown men playing computer games...but I didn't crash your posts about wrestling, so give me a break :D Currently playing through the 'Resident Evil 2' remake with my kids. Oddly enough, I remember completing it on the Dreamcast, back when I was a similar age to them.
  2. Muay Thai & Boxing
    Hey guys so for those who didn't get a chance to watch the big fight I managed to get coverage and personal commentary up onto youtube here it is. Enjoy
  3. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Delete me
  4. Steroid and Testosterone information
    So guys ? Have u seen it ? Video that he did on gear :whistling: Seems to be that he ain't got a clue. Who the fook would inject prop twice a week and on top of that call that frontload ? I watched it today, and came to conclusion that his a bit of a muppet when it comes to gear, I know...
  5. General Conversation
    Apparently this man died of internal injuries following this accident. This is a good case for always using safety bars in bench press competitions. It seems crazy to me not to.
  6. General Conversation
    Noticed this video of someone doing some sort of sit-ups. Take a look. - Gym fail. (NB: other video content not likely safe for work) Have you got any fun routine stories from your gym? :D
  7. Bodybuilding Shows
    A DVD of the whole Midlands show (8th May 2011) is now available. Please contact [email protected] for details or send me a PM. Photos are also available - contact Wayne Brown: Tel: 0115 945 9097, Mobile: 07921 835 305, Email: [email protected]
  8. Welcome Lounge
    Just thought i'd send a link to my new video as my first post! This girl is smokin' hot! Go Christie! I've just ordered the vid, can't wait for it! Good to be here.
  9. Welcome Lounge
    me and my brother train at the forests gym in crawley, we been training seriously for 2years including dieting. hoping to compete in the next few years. you can check us out training in this video, at the forest gym. lets us know what you think, we made the video ourselves. zxYWY87OB6E
  10. Bodybuilding Shows
    please seek approval from admin to advertise your services
1-10 of 10 Results