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Found 10 results

  1. Hi there. I am looking for some advices or ideas from experienced people please. I am currently on Test E at 500 mg a week and 50 mg of Var. My goal is cutting ad much as I can and keep my gains. Was thinking about adding Masteron in the mix, I used it in the past once. Would it be a nice combo? What sort of dosage/ratio shoould like at? Also how long would you run anavar for? (I am 32 yo )
  2. Afternoon all, At just under 4 weeks weeks of first cycle (pre holiday cut) of TestC 250mg p/w (just increased to 300mg) and 50mg Anavar ED. Unfortunately had to drop the VAR 3 days ago as just got sick of the stomach bloating/pain and acid reflux. Tried @swole troll suggested Kefir, degistive enzymes, ACV and they helped with the reflux but the stomach issues remained. Real shame as was really loving the pumps, hardness, vascularity and strength. I looked at injectable VAR as a possible way around these symptoms - but seems very hard to source legit stuff. Would injectable Winstrol be a decent alternative to avoid the stomach issues? - my supplier has 50mg/ml Pharmacom. And if yes, would dosage should i be looking at for a first cycle? For context been on TRT for several years at approx 100mg p/w + 100iu HCG ED.
  3. Anyone tried var from Cenzo Pharma or any other orals from them? They are g2g?
  4. I’m New to the group. Pleased to meet you all. 38 years years old. Training for a fair while. I’ve previously run 3 cycles in the last 8 years with good results but just thought I’d share a cycle experience for anyone interested. I’ve been cutting since August last year, 18%bf down to a current 14% naturally. I’m 6”4 My current weight is 16.9st. The trouble is I’m now to a point where I’m stuck here at 14% and can’t afford to lose any more muscle or more importantly, strength. I’ve been stuck at this plateau now for a month or so. I’m not going to drop my calories any more, It’s time for another cutting cycle. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been a massive “cyclist” My cycles have always been reasonably sensible with little no side-effects and no shutdown. This cut is going to be SiS Labs Sustanon250 Every 4 days and SiS Labs 40mg var daily. I’m going to increase my calories to around 2800 40 carbs 40 protein 20 fat. This is pretty much the ratios that I’ve always eaten and have worked very nicely for me. I am currently two weeks into this cycle and here is the experience so far. weeks 1-2 Stuff arrived quickly within two days and all checked out nicely on the website. First three days nothing and by day 4 I definitely noticed a slight change in body temperature. Nothing else really then until around day eight. Definitely feeling tighter and slightly stronger weight has remained the same to this point but strengths definitely increasing. Days 11 to 14 body temperature still up with a slightly red face warm to the touch. Libido of a stallion at the moment. I’ve always had quite a high sex drive on and off the gear but definitely noticing it on this stuff. Weight has slightly increased on pretty much all left but in particular my rowing movements, being so tall I’ve always had a big strong back so my pulling movements are way stronger than my pushing movements. weeks 2-3 To come
  5. Hi all, ive not done a cycle for about 2.5 years. My last cycle was anavar with a little bit of test E. im completely out of the loop with what is good at the moment. I used to use Sphinx var but I lost contact with my guy. Can anyone recommend a good var that is about at the moment? I know Sphinx used to be really good but not sure if it’s still going!
  6. Simple question. Which labs currently have the best oral winny, tbol and var? Experiences and lab results would be very welcome.
  7. Just got hold of some Pharmachem Dispensary var, but unsure of whether its any good. Struggling to find any reviews of it - has anyone got any experiences? Cheers
  8. Hi I'm new here hopefully have posted this in the right place. I'm 22 year old woman have taken var a few times now over a couple of years but have now ran out of my good stuff - prostasia labs Anavar. I found this was really good even at 5-10mg day. Max was 15mg great gains. I have since acquired some by Edge healthcare which I have upped and upped to see if it was just under dosed, even at 25mg per day I was seeing absolutely no results whatsoever so am assuming it's just Shite. So any ideas of any decent labs out there for var at the moment? Many thanks.
  9. Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. a friend of mine has came in to possession of some SIS labs items and I am wanting to check with you all for your feed back on the brand quality? and if anyone can confirm the batch numbers for me? Anavar 50mg: Batch No: 005-700150 MFG: 02/2017 EXP: 02/21 Test Prop 100mg Batch No: 002-30535 MFG: 01/2017 EXP: 01/2021 deca 300mg Batch No: 002-30610 MFG: 01/2017 EXP: 01/2021 Thanks in advance! If anyone has any experience using these products could you let me know your experience regards DevilDuck
  10. I've just got hold of some ISIS Pharmaceutical Anavar 50mg tablets (see pics). After a bit of research on the internet, I've discovered they're totally fake. An image search on Google produced 2-3 images of the same tub with the exact same serial number and dates. I've read that a lot, if not most of the anavar being sold at the moment is fake, with a lot of it being winstrol (stanozolol) being passed off as anavar. I'm not convinced that what I have even contains Winstrol as the level of fakery on the packaging is dire.. Can anyone tell me what these tablets are likely to contain? Can I expect any results at all? Risks/side affects with taking these tablets? and does anyone have any experience with taking them? They're the blue tablets with the ISIS Pharmaceuticals logo on one side and a split on the other. Thanks in advance for the info!!