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  1. Advanced Bodybuilding
    I recently bought an upper/lower training programme from RP and wanted some help/advice on the effectiveness. For example I hit triceps with 3-4 exercises per week but they are split over 2-3 days so I'm only doing 1 triceps exercise per day maybe 2 at the max, which doesn't feel like it's...
  2. Gaining Weight
    can anyone suggest a routine that will build muscle for my upper body whilst maintaining my legs. I dont need to be lectured on diet or rest, i do know about this Cheers
  3. Gaining Weight
    I REALLY need some advice on how to build my upper chest. Please if anyone could tell me of any good workouts for upper chest, ive run out of ideas???
  4. Getting Started
    Yea yea I know it's funny, I should know this by now but is it upper or lower, I've always thought it was upper but recently saw online and they class it as lower. But on some sites it's classed as upper?
  5. Getting Started
    Just want to know if anybody has ever trained this way before. Just been looking for some routines and thought i give it a go 2 days split monday upper body @ 3-5 sets each excercise incline bench press and flys - chest military press, lateral raises and shrugs - shoulders close grip...
  6. Getting Started
    I mentioned in my journal that i will be bulking over the winter, baggy jumper time! My chest is fairly well developed, although i dont believe you can ever stop developing in some way or another. However my delts are lacking in size. As my upper chest is not as developed as my mid/lower chest...
  7. Getting Started
    chest seems to be lagging a bit-want to build up my inner and upper chest,Anyone give me a few pointers on whats the best exercise and weight to use,to see a difference. I Train chest every week and enjoy hitting it from all angles,incline,decline,flat etc,I also use the same method with my...
1-7 of 7 Results