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Found 7 results

  1. Got the tbol yesterday (I don't know why he didn't send the whole order in one go). So I thought; the test will be here the next day or at the very latest the day after that. As I hadn't tried it before I took 30mg last night . I had a little weed too, not much. I felt great last night ! But today I feel drained, tired and hungover. Not sore though. But I have a right head on me, tired, brain fog. Also sad and irritable. Would the Tbol have made my normal test go down/shut down that quickly? I'm trying to work out what's wrong with me (apart from being a dumbass for trying it earlier than I should have). My mate has a box of Test Prop amps. I asked him for them due to the situation, but he said no because he, " will start them soon hopefully". He's never done any steds before. He thinks his cousin is an expert because he has a little bit more muscle than the average guy. Unfortunately he's one of those divs that think that he must know what he's doing because he's got good arms. But I will have to explain to him the situation later if I don't start to feel better. He's a moody c**t most of the time and this will probably end up in an argument because I'm getting tired of his moods and how he speaks to me sometimes. Online vendors are crap and Ive been burned before and lost money. So I don't want to order some from a different vendor because A, I could lose my money and B it could take ages to come and by the time it comes my original order will have come. But it looks like I will order some if my mate, who will be an ex mate doesnt help with 1 amp out of his 10. Until recently I had a some spare vials of test, but some c**t took them thinking they were illegal. That person will pay for that one way or another in time. I know some people on here might say "I hope you die" as Ive seen things like that before on body building forums. If you think or post that ,you are just evil trash that has made worse mistakes than me. Sorry if any of this is unclear, I can't concentrate that good right now. Maybe its something else reacting funny in my body and nothing to do with the tbol, I don't know, Ive had a few blood tests lately, the doctor said one was ok on the phone the other day but they still havent given me the printout.
  2. Hello guys, Been a long time since my last cycle and also on this forum! Time has passed and I started feeling like it's time to put on some mass again. Planning on running T-bol, test and HGH. T-bol is one of my favourite orals and had great results with it in the past. Back in the day when I lived in the UK I used D-hacks at 40mg/day standalone and gained a nice 5kg each cycle. Currently I have 3 brands available to get locally: Alpha Pharma, Magmun Pharmaceuticals and Platinum Biotech. Has anyone tried any of these brands' Turinabol and how do you rate it? I did a search on the forum and couldn't find much info. Any comments on which lab you think is the best of those three in general are also welcome Cheers.
  3. Hi everyone,I am currently trying to gain some mass and it is extremely hard for me. I have never taken something different than protein or creatine. I am currently 62kg and trying to get to 70-75. I want to ask for some recommendations and the reasons for them. I have already read that Turinabol has less side effects, but i think with Dianabol the effect will be bigger.Thanks to everyone in advance.
  4. Hello everyone! I am planning to start my second steroid cycle this March, figured out to come here looking for some advice. Here are some stats about me first : Age 20 Height 6ft1 (185 cm) Weight 205 Body fat % 11,5% Years of training 3 Started at 17 with 130 pounds, pure ectomorph. After two years I managed to get to 175 pounds naturally and then unfortunately *sigh*I started cycling. I wish I hadn't started so early as I think I could have reached 185-190 with a little more attention to my diet. But it is what it is... Didn't want to waste time. Don't bash my head with this, I already got messages of 'you're too young idiot' on 2 other forums and did it anyway. I took the first cycle as serious as possible though and did not fool around with anything else (parties, drinking, etc,..) Just train ,eat and sleep. Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run) This was my first cycle, which started in late February 2018: Test e 350mg 1-12 Dbol 30mg 1-4 Aromasin 12,5 eod 1-12 PCT bellow My first cycle went amazing. I started at 175 and bumped to 200 @13% bf post cycle. However I don't want to see dbol again in my life. It did not bloat me as much as I expected to but the moon face was uncontrollable and I did not like it at all. The PCT was amazing and theoretically I did not lose a single kg during the pct and after it as well. I kept my diet 300+ above maintenance and trained just as hard as on cycle. As I said, I finished the cycle at 200 13%bf. Since then I started to re-comp and right now I am at a constant of 205 and 11-12%bf. After cycle I did have my bloods done and everything was normal, including liver values, cholesterol (LDL a little high), and estrogen. My LH and FSH were a bit on the low side, but nothing that would stand out. I also had a cardiologist check me out, everything completely normal as well. PCT used for last cycle and ALLfuture cycles Clomid 100 first day, then 50/50/25/25 Nolva 60 first day, then 40/20/20/20 MK2866 25/25/12,5/12,5 GW 20mg per day (started 4 weeks before PCT and kept during PCT as well) Aromasin 12,5mg EOD D-aspartic acid post pct for 2-4 weeks Goals recomp, lean muscle gain, minimum water retention Supplements (if any) I have used many supplements, including K2, N2Guard, TUDCA, milk thistle, krill oil, arjuna bark extract,etc. Any other relevant info (injuries, surgeries you've had, etc.) no surgeries, injuries or known allergens Ok, now that we got that out of the way, here is my second cycle layout : Test e 400mg 1-16 Equipoise 600mg 1-14 (maybe with 1200mg first 2 weeks preloading? something to still think about...) Tbol 60 mg 6-14 Aromasin 12,5mg EOD The above mentioned PCT *VERY IMPORTANT* Bloodwork will be done as follows : 2 weeks before cycle, mid-cycle (as I have to keep an eye on that RBC, will donate blood if necessary and start some baby aspirin 75mg/day), and one more set of bloods post pct. I have some metoprolol as well if I will have any Blood pressure issues, but this hadn't happened on my first cycle and I hope it won't happen on this one as well. I am looking for pure lean and quality muscle gains from this cycle. As I said I would like to keep water retention to a minimum. I am aiming for 3500-4000 clean calories through 5 meals a day (not including shakes.) with 4L of water/day . I am currently cycling carbs as I want to further cut down and definetely get to under 11% bf before I start the cycle. Training will be the same : 3 days on, 1 day break, 3 days on again and so on... Cardio 2x20 min/week for heart health. However, I need some advice. Should I also implement hCG before pct? If so, what dosages and for how many weeks? I think it may be a good idea, given the fact that I will be using 3 different substances. What about hMG? Is that more efficient than the old school hCG? Does anyone have any experience with it? Please I would like advice on hCG, its dosages and duration. Any other advice welcomed. I hope I haven't forgotten anything... Please tell me if u know of any other supplements that will help on this cycle (except for the obvious). Another mistake I made in my first cycle (despite the fact that it wasn't test e only... I know that) was that I did not have all the ancillaries before starting. This won't happen again. I will have everything I need before doing my first injection.
  5. So I have decided to run my first cycle. I have done a lot of in depth research, major in nutrition and have been at the gym since the age of 17. (Now 21). So I know my way round a kitchen and a gym, but am a little bit on the dark side with steroids, I’ve tried to clear up this knowledge in the last month. I decided on oral turinabol, as I don’t want my first cycle to be injectable. I found a trusted seller, with good reviews and spoke with him in person. The order arrived today, but under the name “TRINABOL”. My question is, is this a mistake and is actually turinabol. Or is it some sort trenbolone. It has the chemical formula name of turinabol but this through me off guard when I thought I had everything perfectly in place. Could do with some reassurance. Will post a picture of the substance given.
  6. Hi, So im currently on my 7th day of a tbol + test enanthate cycle. Had a bit of a layoff, didn't train for 6 months due to injury, so i decided to run a basic 12 week test cycle to facilitate the process of getting back in shape. Planning to pin 500 mg of test a week. Will be using tbol as a kickstarter, 40 mg a day for 4 weeks. And yes, i know folks here always say one should take at least 60 mg and run it for 6-8 weeks to feel any effects. This is my first experience with tbol so im just dipping my toes here, 40 mg ED for 4 weeks will do the trick for now im sure. I've chosen tbol for its allegedly mild side effects (as opposed to, say, dianabol which im still a bit wary to try to be honest). Also, while i can't say ive ever tried tbol i have done a cycle of halodrol before and loved it, and seeing as halodrol is a prodrug version of tbol (or at least a compound with a very similar structure) i assume its effects will be somewhat similar. Not really expecting any extraordinary results from either tbol or test, i do realise this is a mild cycle given the low dosages and the short duration. I do also realise that 6 months is a long time to take off from training and that i've got a long, challenging road ahead of me. This is just to speed things up a bit. Anyway, back to the point. Here's my question. How much arimidex should i be taking on a cycle like this and how often? Thing is, ive already got some mild gynaecomastia in my left nipple. It's tiny, pretty much invisible, yet its quite painful to touch and is causing me a lot of frustration. So given my pre-existing gyno, should i take 0.5 mg adex EOD or 0.25 mg EOD? Or should it be ED rather? I don't wanna crash my oestrogen obviously but at the same time i dont wanna make my gyno worse, let alone get a new lump. Also, when is it best to start taking adex? Most people seem to be saying you have to start your AI two weeks into your test cycle, or at least one week in. Then again some folks insist that you should begin from day one.
  7. Pharmacom Tbol, is this legit?

    Hi there, I'm new to these forums, came from another forum where I have done a log on my prev cycle. Starting my new one next month and wanted to log somewhere more ...british (those pesky lbs instead of kg annoys me!). I need your help... So I ordered some pharmacom tbol tabs, 10mg per tab, 100 per pack. I have 2 packs. (Possibly buying a 3rd so I can run 50/60mg) Ordered from a third party source so I was just wondering if these look legit to you? I've only heard good things about pharmacom.