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  1. Bodybuilding Shows
    I lift at home and I have dumbbells only. I'm trying to build bigger triceps. I have bad elbows (cubital tunnel syndrome) and there are certain exercises I can't do. Diamond pushups and overhead extensions are two examples I just can't do. I bench press at 30 and 45-degree angles. I do most of...
  2. Getting Started
    Thought i'd quickly post up an arms routine I put together a couple of yrs ago that came back to my mind last night. 1) Start off with some EZ drag curls. I use drags to make sure to take the tension off the delts and firmly onto the bi - it also helps avoid the rocking/swinging movement so...
  3. Getting Started
    I mix up my shoulders and triceps but include the main ones. IE shoulder : side/front later raise, arnold press, shoulder press. Tricep : dips, tricep extensions. I was wondering what the main ones are that I should do on EVERY shoulder/tricep workout? thanks
  4. Getting Started
    i was reading on another page about doing dead lifts with the tri bar, i dont normally do dead lifts but give it ago 2day, i done 5 sets and after i stopped, my back was shaking like mad, and wud get worse if i stayed standing still, is this coz i dont normally do them or is it a traped nerv or...
1-4 of 6 Results