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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Guys, currently on a cutting cycle using elixir Lipid 275. I am on the currently dosage per week: which is split between 3 injections. test prop 450mg tren ace 450mg drost prop 112.5mg do you think this is a suitable dosage or should i increase?
  2. Hi sorry new to this forum hopefully in the right place. Just after a bit advice. I’ve been pinning every 2 days for about 15 days now, 1ml of test prop and 1ml of tren ace. The past few days I’ve been covered in itchy rashes around my body and was wondering if anyone has any advice on which the allergy may be. Thanks
  3. okay so im currently sitting at around 16% body fat i would say top abs are coming through slowly. is it possible for me to reach 10-12% Bf have visible abs in 8 weeks time? this is when i hit dubai so i want to look good. im in a 750-1000cal deficit per day with cardio and weight training 5 x per week. my diets in check have one cheat meal on a Saturday evening, keeping protein at 200+ g per day heres a little about my stats:age 22 height 190cm weight 94.8kg Bf 16% roughly waist 34" thigh 24" calf 16" chest 42" bicep 17" i am running the following cycle: test prop 150mg EOD tren ace 100 EOD drost prop 75mg Eod t3 75 mcg ED anavar 90mg ED any guidance and advice appreciated
  4. okay so here are my current stats: heres a little about my stats:age 22 height 190cm weight 94.8kg roughly 16% body fat i have attached photo of my current conditionwaist 34" thigh 24" calf 16" chest 42" bicep 17" i am running the following: test prop 150mg EOD tren ace 100 EOD drost prop 75mg Eod t3 75 mcg ED anavar 90mg ED diet is in a 1000 cal deficit with around 200g of protein a day i was going to plan on running clen but i cant handle the shakes on them. 8 weeks from now i go dubai i hope to be between 10-12% BF is this achievable? i store the majority of fat around the abs. this isnt my first cycle dont worry ive got 4 previous cycles under my belt.

    Hey guys, my question is has anyone used Sis Labs Tren Ace recently? Ordered off a website about a month ago, had no issues previously with any gear. Been running 0.75mg eod for nearly four weeks now stacked with 300mg test e and 150mg mast e. All from SIS Labs. honestly I’ve felt absolutly nothing, no normal sides or anything not seeing any changes. Is there an issue with the supplier or soemthing? Can anyone give me advice on what to do as I’m getting concerned it’s bunk now.
  6. Hey guys, so I’ve never ran tren ace before but I’ve ran tren e, I usuall inject twice a week in my quad with e but I know it has to be more with ace. So my plan is every other day inject tren ace. my question is, what is the best way to inject this with regards to needle size and what place won’t hurt? someone has recommend insulin needles for the delts? Is this right? If so what size?
  7. Hi guys, Been using for about a year, never had this before and I've used Test E, Deca, NPP and EQ before no problem. Only thing different I can think of is I'm using Tren Ace. Couple hours Post injection, I get a dull red mark about 10mm in diameter around where I'm pinned. Normally, I used to get some a tiny mark where the needle has been but never a red mark as such. Any advise how to reduce this? I have the same thing on my left quad, right quad, and right glute at the moment.